Mar 08 2012

Welcome introduction


Please don’t mind that image, it’s just there to show off my fandom. 
Writing is journey. Publication is often a destination. Editing, I suppose, is the stops along the way from hunger, flat tires, road construction, or random bears. LOL. 
You may wonder why I started a blog. I may wonder that too! Actually, this blog was started because I heard about the A to Z challenge from some nanowrimo friends. 
I feel there should disclaimers here. 
1) Sarcasm, wit, and certain jokes do not always “translate” when typed. I have fallen prey to this pitfall more than once, and most likely will again.
2) Just because I feel a certain way about something, or have a certain view on a topic, does not mean that my characters will share it. (In fact, at least one character would love to prove nearly all of my viewpoints wrong.)
3) I am an adult. Sometimes people who are not adults become fans of things which may seem questionable for their age-group. I do not support, endorse, or encourage such behavior. People who are not adults should have access to someone that is an adult who can take responsibility for them. 
4) I am descended from the Lenni Lenape Tribe, better known to some as the Delaware Indians. That may or may not seem relevant, depending on who you ask. My character Caleb is fond of that fact. My exact age, sex, full real name, and current location are all vastly unimportant. I am a writer. I write. I have been doing so for decades. I have been published under several other names. I am proud of those publications. I have created this pen-name to honor my ancestors. There is not some other reason. I am not running from the FBI or the mob or any of the other very funny theories. 
5) Yes, I do tend to talk about my characters as if they are actual people. This may seem crazy to you. Fellow fiction writers, however, are probably suffering from the same insanity, and therefore I’m fine with being this sort of crazy.
And now for some links that I think are important:  The Main Website  My Good Reads page (Still updating the books!)  Character Personality Quiz- Fun times!   WLC – great bunch of people
Thank you for stopping in and for reading this. Have a great day!

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  1. I wish you luck on your new blog. When i was a little girl, a distant relation named “Mrs Pennetta” was the daughter of a Lenni Lenape. She told us how her family had lived in all the watery regions near the Toms river, where she was living at the time. She also told me how they had found Lenni Lenape paint pots filled with Ochre and other dyes/facepaints in the bay. My childhood was filled with the company of spectral Lenni Lenapes, in a good way. It is a pleasure to know that some of you are among the living.

    welcome to the A to Z challenge. I’m doing it too!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

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