Apr 02 2012

A is for April Fools Day!

            Not the
most traditional holiday on the calendar- but it is one which I personally
enjoy celebrating. My father is the best known in the family for managing to
pull the wool over on others for this fun holiday. My personal best gag was a
few years back. I looked up the winning lottery numbers and then called my mom.
I told her I had bought a ticket on the way home and was wondering if she
happened to know what the winning digits were. I read off “my
numbers” and then waited while she checked. My mom shrieked that I had won
several million dollars. I replied that it was great news, but that I even
better news. She asked what, and I answered, “It’s April Fool’s Day.”


            Thank you
for reading today’s entry. As a special bonus, I would like to share the following
with you:



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  1. What a great April Fool’s gag! I’m making a note on my 2013 calendar. My Companion is in for a shock next year! Loved the pic attachment, by the way!

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