Apr 02 2012

B is for Beverly (Existence series character)

            On a warm
summer day a few years back, a bouncy easy-going young woman with long bleached
hair which had been styled into a loose braid danced down a street in Greenwich Village carrying a box under her arm. Though
six stores had turned her down so far, her spirit would not be dampened! The
bell over the door of a tiny eclectic shop sounded as she entered. The owner of
the store was a man at the tail-end of middle-age. He agreed to allow her a
small space to sell her wares, which were hand-crafted figurines which she
created and painted, once the proper paperwork had been filled out. He said he
was willing to negotiate the price of her rental space over dinner in his loft.

            A few weeks
later there was a free art exhibition in the park. Beverly set up table there, hoping that her
figurines would finally find their audience. An impressively well-dressed
handsome young man walking a beautiful white dog approached her stand. They
made polite small talk while he admired her work, and she admired his exquisite

much for this piece?” the man asked as examined a figurine that was a
piano being played by a dog.

that’s one of my favorites. I’m afraid it’s terribly valuable.”

            The man
chuckled. “Try me.”

would cost you a dinner with the artist.”

            The most
magnificent smile she had ever seen crossed the man’s lips. “Only dinner?
For a piece this nice, I’d think you’d want breakfast as well.”


            The man was
Xavier, and he became both boyfriend and blessing to Beverly. By his side she met all the right
people, made all the right connections, and was finally on the path she had
aimed for when she originally moved to the city from her small town with only
the clothes on her back and a box under her arm.

Bev eventually met Xavier’s mother. Vinica was appalled by her son’s choice to
seriously date Beverly,
something which she made no attempt to hide. At a party, which someone of Bev’s
station had no chance of being invited to unless it was as someone’s plus-one
or as part of the catering staff, Vinica made a point of cornering her in the
ladies’ room. After knocking Bev off of her pedestal of joy, Vinica went on to
crushing all hopes and dreams. She then pulled out her checkbook and offered Beverly a bribe. The
price agreed upon for a break-up and the conversation to remain a secret was
less than the value of Vinica’s handbag.


            Beverly has never been honest
with Xavier about the true nature of their breakup. She has always been ashamed
of her choice. Since leaving him, her choices in men have only gotten worse.
She assumed that she would not see Xavier again after the breakup, but did not
count on the fact that their groups of friends had since merged, and thus that
they would run into each other a few times a year at certain parties, such as
the one seen in the story.


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