Apr 07 2012

G is for Georgette (Existence series character)

            Ah, Georgette!
Once upon a time there was girl named Georgette. Her parents were kidnapped by
Bigfoot. No wait, they were abducted by aliens. Or did they sink on the

is the least likely person to tell you the truth about her own past. She has
woven so many tales over the years that no one knows the full truth of her
history by now. It is certain, however, that she established a legal residence
in New York City
when she turned 18. (She claims to have lived in the city longer, but had no
address then because she was staying with the mole-people who reside under the
subway system.) She has had a wide variety of jobs, most of which were off the
record. She is a fantastic sales person, so long as she doesn’t need to be
burdened with little details of relevant facts. She’s a very creative cook, but
her choice of ingredients isn’t always something that should be disclosed. Her style
of dress is very eclectic but absolutely always sexy and sultry.

            She seems to
have no desire to settle down. There have been a few relationships which lasted
long enough to warrant moving in together. They all ended the same. The guy
would come home one day to find all of her things gone and the key left on the
table. She is the one to leave 99% of the time, but she has never bothered to
actually break up with anyone.

            For a few
years now there hasn’t been a raving party in SoHo
that she wasn’t at. The best ones, of course, have her well-known bowl of
punch. To simply call it spiked would be misuse of the word. Georgette’s
concoction has been blamed for everything from cheating husbands to a certain
Senator backing a bill which no one expected him to. The prize-inside contents
are a secret which she would never reveal. She is certainly owed credit though,
for this magical drink doesn’t harbor any of odd flavors or after-bite that one
might expect. Indeed, Georgette’s punch is truly sinfully delicious.

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