Apr 08 2012

Gwendolyn’s Easter Essay

((The following is an essay which Wend, a main character of
the Existence series, would have written. It is actually written by me, J.
Lenni Dorner, of course; but the viewpoint, tone, and structure of the essay is
that of the fictional character.))


“What Easter Means to Me”

By Gwendolyn Mirabella Wright 


eternal is granted to me and my loved ones because Jesus has risen! Christ, my Savior,
faced Death and three days later returned. When the time is right, He will call
the faithful and worthy to Heaven to be with Him. Easter is a celebration of the
great gift of resurrection. Easter is celebrated because we will be resurrected
someday, because we will be immortal once we are resurrected, and because we
know that Jesus was resurrected.


            In death,
the spirit leaves the body. In resurrection, the spirit returns to the body and
makes it alive again. When Jesus’ spirit returned to His body, He made
resurrection possible. Jesus Christ was the first person to be resurrected. It
took Jesus only three days to be resurrected, but that is not the case for everyone.
When we die, our spirit will eventually be guided back to our bodies because
Jesus has promised this gift to the world.


            When the
spirit returns to the body during resurrection, we will become immortal. The
resurrected body changes so that it not only comes back to life, but it also
becomes whole and perfect and can never die again. I will have my body forever
because Jesus was resurrected. My immortal body will have eternal life in God’s
presence and be with my family there because we repent our sins, follow the
commandments of the Gospel, and believe in Jesus Christ who died so that we
could be forgiven.


resurrection of Christ after His death is the greatest news the world has ever
had. We know that news is true because many people documented seeing Jesus
alive once again. Among these people were the Nephites and Lamanites, who had
been in darkness for the three days that it took for Jesus to be resurrected.
These were the most joyful people on Earth for Jesus stayed with them for a
while to heal their sick, bless their children, and teach them.


should celebrate Easter because Jesus gave the gift of resurrection to the
whole world, because we will all become immortal after we die, and because
there is documented proof that Jesus was resurrected. Our faith in the Savior
protects us so that we will spend eternity not as lost spirits and rotting
corpses but in our perfect bodies alive with blessed spirits in the home of the
Heavenly Father. Easter is a celebration of the love that Jesus has which is so
abundant that He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. So, to me, Easter means
that I am loved by Jesus Christ; and that is truly something to celebrate!


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