Apr 23 2012

T is for Tirza (Existence series character)

you sent for me?”

            “Yes Tirza,
come in. I am sorry that I missed your twenty-second birthday celebration. Did
you have a nice time?” Mr. Higbee asked as he pulled a chair out for his
daughter in front of his large oak desk.

            “It was
wonderful, thank you Daddy.”

good, glad to hear it. Your mother tells me that you have made the deans list
again.” Mr. Higbee let out a small grunt as he settled into his large
cushy office chair behind his desk. His daughter nodded and smiled. “Only
a few months left of college. I think the time is come that we discuss your

raised an eyebrow. “My future?”

The plan for the next phase of your life. The one you put off after high school
so that you could spend a small fortune at college. I agreed to give you four
years. That time is nearly at an end.”

haven’t begun a job search yet. Are you offering to help me write a

enough. I am a patient man, but you have reached my limit. The next phase of
your life is not about employment. It is about marriage and procreation.”
Mr. Higbee flipped open a file on his desk. “Here are five men that I
believe would make suitable husbands. Select one please.”


is not the time to be defiant. You will select one, or I shall choose for

I’m not ready to be married. And even if I was, I would not marry someone from
a folder! That isn’t how it’s done.”

            Mr. Higbee
watched his daughter for several long seconds. “You have one month.”


have one month. During that time you may narrow down these five choices, or
present another one to me for consideration. At the end of that month you shall
be engaged or disowned. This discussion is closed, Tirza. Good day.”


said good day.”

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