Apr 24 2012

U is for Urania (Existence series character)

(The following phone call is mentioned in Fractions of Existence. This is how it seemed from the other end.)

            What is that buzzing? Oh right, that’s my


morning, Urania! I didn’t wake you, did I?”

of course not.” Seriously, why would
I be awake this early? Wend always asks me the dumbest questions.

friend from New York
is in town. We’re going to get together to exchange gifts and chat
for a bit.”

how lovely for you!” Fake smiles
translate, right? Why would she wake me up to brag about hanging out with some
other friend? Maybe an invitation is coming. I don’t really have anything else
to do today.

sending you his picture now.”

His? It’s a guy? Is she setting me up?
Oh, there it is. Oh. My. God.
“Is he single?” Please say yes, please say yes, please say

just meeting up for a few minutes. It’s not a big deal.”

he have any single friends that look like him?” It’s not possible that my only friend in this country just called to
wake me up to tell me about her exciting plans with a mega hottie who she isn’t
dating but has no intention of passing along to me.

don’t think he really knows anyone else out this way, Urania.”

a shame.” I could fly to New York. For a chance
with that guy, I’d pack up and move to New
“Did you want to bring him over
here?” Or drop him off over here
perhaps. Leave us alone for a bit. I’ll light some candles, make some food, and
put on some slow music. Please Wend, tell me that you’ve woken me because you
want to drop my future husband off. Or my future one-night-stand.

have to go get ready. Thanks for being my friend, Urania. I’ll talk to you

            Did she just hang up on me? What was that?
Ok, going back to sleep. Maybe I can at least meet that guy in my dreams.

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