Apr 26 2012

W is for William Warehime (Existence series character)

William first met Xavier’s sister Adrielle, she was dressed in black leather
spiked boots that were laced up to her thighs, a tiny black leather skirt, and
a low scooped purple top. She bore no resemblance to any upper crust socialite
or noblewoman, not that he had met very many. She was bent over a pool table;
cue in hand, winning her third game of the evening.

other takers?” she asked as she picked up her winnings from a very
perturbed looking biker who was three times her size in practically every

are the stakes?” William asked.

last guy put up fifty,” she answered as she chalked.

like something more.”

Seventy? Ninety? What number would you like?”

smiled. He motioned to someone, who brought a cue over that had been in a case
behind the bar. “Yours.”

smirked. “Rather hefty bet. But what do I get when I beat you?”

the same that you’ll get when I win, use your number to call you, and you agree
to a date with me.”

laughed. His confidence intrigued her. “You’re on. My name is Dree, by the
way,” she said as she extended her hand toward him.

            He slid his
fingers under hers and lifted it to his lips, kissing her hand rather than
shaking it. “William Warehime. Pleasure to make your acquaintance,

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