Apr 28 2012

Y is for Yule (Existence series character)

            Fantastic. I left a beautiful five
star hotel with a delicious masseur to stay in a box. Xavier is seriously going
to owe me for this. So is she, once she gets her memory back.
            She looks so sad. It’s hard to
not be able to reveal the answers to her. It’s hard to listen to her cry, to
hear how empty and alone she feels, and not be able to tell her that I know
that everything will be alright. None of the things she is crying about today
will make a drop of difference once she and Xavier share that first kiss. These
feelings that she has of being inadequate are only a result of her being stuck.
The sense of not fitting in that she tries so hard to ignore, I know the real
reason behind it.

            What I don’t know is how she got
here. She doesn’t belong with this family. Perhaps this is what exile looks
like. Maybe this is as close as our kind will ever come to Hell.


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