Apr 30 2012

Z is for Renzo Zimmerman (Existence series character)

            The party
died down. Navel officers and their spouses bid Renzo adieu. The Senator and
his cheery blonde date polished off their drinks before heading out. Renzo
lingered in the ballroom, picking up bits of litter. It wasn’t his job to clean
this place, but then again, it wasn’t his job to do anything anymore. He had
completed his last mission. There would be no more flights. He would not be
slung off of a carrier ship again. He would not pilot a proto type of the most
advanced helicopter that the world had ever known ever again. He was grounded.
No more ocean. No more sky.

            A young man
stepped out of the shadows. Though he didn’t look old enough for it to be legal
for him to drink, he was holding a glass of Scotch.

party is over, son. Do you need a ride home?”

The young man let out a chuckle. “The party hasn’t even started yet.”

you drunk, son? I don’t know who served you. I thought this place had better
staff than that. I am sorry if you became inebriated at my event. I can assure
you though that this party has ended. All of the guests have gone home. The
band stopped playing a while ago. There is nothing left but the clean up.”

            The young
man stepped closer. His blue eyes flashed. Renzo was certain that he could smell
the ocean and feel the soft rocking of the waves.

            “I am
Xavier Doyen. I have been following your career. I know it seems like the party
has just ended, but that does not have to be the case. You were born to make a
difference, and thus far in your life you have. I invite you now to embark on
another adventure, one far more classified than even your highest commander is
aware of, for the safety and protection of the world at large.”


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