May 01 2012

Why I blog

I recently read this and found it to be absolutely worthwhile.
I am going to take a moment here to jot down my thoughts.


clear about what it is you want in return, and write it (all) down.


1- I want to connect with new readers/ fans.

2- I want to give those new readers/ fans a way to get to
know me better.

3- I want to reward the readers of my blog by giving them
knowledge they won’t find in the books.

4- I want to give the blog readers a reason to comment.

5- I want my blog readers to click to the WHAT-ARE-THEY.COM

6- I want to generate buzz for my fiction series before it
is available.

7- I want to increase my Facebook and Twitter followers.

8- I want a way to communicate with my audience.

9- I want to “brand” my name.


you haven’t checked to see where your rankings are in the world of SEO, take a
minute to open Google, type in your name and see which of your accounts comes
up first.

Nominate J Lenni Dorner for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate J Lenni Dorner for a social media award in the Shorty Awards


Things that I learned after I Googled myself:


1- It looks like I was nominated for a shorty award in the
author category.

2- Only 59 books on Goodreads… I really have to get back
to updating that site!

3- My character quiz appears! I have no idea what the magic
trick or glass of water science stunt is about, but clicking that link does
indeed lead to my quiz!

4- The last thing list will direct one to my blog. Yay! I
think that was the goal of this exercise, wasn’t it?

5- Google+ is listed. I really feel that I am not utilizing
that tool for all that it is worth. I would love to find someone who is so that
I could get a better feel for it.

(6- April 24 was the 132nd birth anniversary of Gideon
Sundback, who developed the 

your core values as a blogger. 


I searched a bit for how to best do this step. What is truly
important to me as a blogger?

1- That my readers be entertained.

2- That my readers desire to return.

3- That my readers feel they have gained something by

4- That my readers become fans who want more.

I am not sure that those things count as values, but they
are important to me as a blogger.

I want my blog to be
creative, unique, well organized, and easy to navigate. I would like my blog to
touch the lives of others, even if only in small simple ways. I would like my
blog to add to my motivation to complete my novels. I would also like my blog
to build anticipation from fans for those novels.


I want my blog guests
to become loyal readers and fans. I want my blog readers to feel that my blog
is a trustworthy source of information. I want my blog readers to be
entertained and especially to enjoy the bits which are funny. I would like my
blog to unite my fans. I would like my blog readers to feel they have gained
knowledge that non-readers will have missed out on, knowledge which will
hopefully distinguish them from casual readers. I want to be practical about my
blog post lengths. They should not be so short that a Twitter post could have
said the same thing, nor so long that one needs to spend more than a few
minutes on my page. It’s a blog, not a novella.


I would like my blog
posts to earn “like” votes, just as I would click to vote on the
blogs that I visit which offer such a thing. I would hope that each blog post
counts, that it is worth reading to at least one person out there.


Is a mission statement the same as core values? Perhaps I
need to find a few other words that suit my core values as a blogger.



Creativity / Inspiration
Education/ Knowledge/ Wisdom

There, that list looks about right.


your personal terms.


I stated in my first post by saying that this is not meant
for children. The books are likely to be racier than the blog though.


your professional destination.


My professional destination is in writing. It always has
been. But without readers and fans, writers become an endangered species.


“In the end, writers are just flinging their words into
the void, hoping and praying that somebody picks them up and saves them from
obscurity. In the end, writers need an enormous amount of courage simply to
continue.” – Sherman

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