Jun 29 2012

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series


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Anonymous enters. She
has a way of putting me at ease. If anyone might speak directly to someone’s
soul, it would be her.

Anonymous: So, I get to ask the questions?

 Much to my undoing, yes.

Anonymous: (taps a finger on her lip, hiding a smile) I’m
really not scary, certainly not compared to the rest… Or perhaps I am

 I believe that you are the most valuable and
powerful of your kind.

Anonymous: (blushes, shaking her head) I find that concept a
bit of a challenge, but thank you. The others have managed without me for quite
a while now. I know why I have to wait, but they really could use me.

 You are like the increased energy source. Once
they have you, they become more. They aren’t even aware of this. Humans are the
same way. They got along just fine without combustion for thousands of years.
Once they had it though, things changed.

Anonymous: Fair enough. I’ve been figuratively reading over
your shoulder while you’re writing. You have an interesting view on your
characters. Three of them are very strong and outspoken. Does that not become
confusing at times, trying to sort out the voices?”

 Each voice is very clear in my head. And while
Jez and I do not always get along, I am very glad that she is there. The series
needs a woman with passionate boldness throughout. Nothing extinguishes her.
I’m proud of her character; even though I’m sure she will be criticized. The
same people who enjoy Heath’s easy going fraternizations are going to probably
suggest that Jez is a tramp.

Anonymous: Fraternizations… what an interesting word to
describe his life as it is now. As for Jez, she is what time has made her. I’ll
admit I was a bit startled at how they are now. It’s not how I picture them.

 You voice is in there too, but it’s always
soft. Not that you always say soft things, but your voice is like a silky
smooth coffee creamer. You have a very distinct way about you that doesn’t fit
into the categories of outspoken boldness nor of reserved shyness. It’s something
else entirely.

Anonymous:  My voice
is almost always soft, but I tend to repeat until the other listens. Many have
thought of me as weak, but they are mistaken.

 They are indeed mistaken.

Anonymous: I am fond of each of the others in different
ways, but I do have a favorite among them. Is there a character that you feel
closest to?

Hmm, it’s hard to say
who I feel the closest to. It shifts at any given moment. I was rooting for
Xavier until what happened in California.
That disagreement on his path upset me. I try to feel close to Heath, but right
now he’s still so lost that it’s difficult to be near him. There’s another
character who has not been introduced yet. He is in a cave right now. He is the
most interesting to converse with, but I’m not sure that this marks closeness

Anonymous: I have done a lot of reading during my existence.
The Bard, romances, mysteries… Being able to read as I do has steadied, exhilarated,
saddened… even made me cry. I am alarmed by how many people there are who
cannot share this pleasure… who cannot read or write in any functional way.
May I know your thoughts on this?

is a great gift that is undervalued today. Our ancestors understood the power
of the written word. They went so far as to outlaw many from having the right
to learn how to read at all! But there is always someone who figures such
things out and then passes it to others. And that is where revolution begins.
Thomas Jefferson understood this perhaps better than any American president
since. Words have power. That which is penned is able to last for generations.
There has never been a battle that mattered which someone did not record, for
without someone to document, the battle would never have a winner. History is
made this way. Fiction is made better this way. Books change the world. Reading changes a person.
It opens the mind to new ways of thinking. The Existence series could change
the way that many view things, for it has the answer to the question that so
many have forgotten to ask. That answer is powerful. That answer changes
everything. Of course, on a smaller scale, people will no doubt start to see
how they might be related to the main characters. That day is coming.

The Literacy Site

Anonymous: I agree, but I think reading goes further than
that. I believe that it encourages us to express emotions that we might
otherwise keep hidden, repressed somewhere in our souls. In the written word,
we can be anyone. We can feel the emotions of others and vent those of our own
that are troubling us. As I’m sure you have noticed, I do not tend to hide my
emotions. As I followed this story as you wrote it, I laughed and cried… even
got angry once or twice. Is that part of what you hope will come out of this?
That your readers will empathize with your characters?

 I believe that each reader will find a small
reflection of him or herself in at least one of the characters in the series.
The goal of any published work of fiction (and several types of non-fiction as
well) is to get the reader to empathize with your characters, even the evil
ones. Good horror scares us. Great horror makes us feel for the villain, even
if we hate or fear that villain. Poor Jason Voorhees was disfigured and picked
on, so now he goes around slashing up people at Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th. Poor Freddy
was burned alive by the townsfolk, so now he invades the slumber of teenagers.
Poor Jack was abused by his father and inherited alcoholism, so he went on a
murderous rage while snowed in at the Overlook Hotel. The existence series
isn’t horror, of course, but there are characters that have a villainous
intention. But do they really? It will come out in the second book that those
eyes in the shadows are doing what they believe is best. It’s possible that
some readers will agree. Not everyone will be in favor of the main characters.
Some will want to see them destroyed. That’s how people are. The hardest for me
to accept are the ones who want to see you destroyed, not because of you, but
because they feel they lack you so completely.

Anonymous: How do you hope people will see the addition of
my character… when that time comes?

 Hope? Well I hope they’d throw a parade and
jump up and down going yippie yippie. But I don’t think that will be the case.
I think they’ll call foul. You make me break the rules. Not the minor rules,
but the really big rules that everyone says shouldn’t be broken. But that’s how
it is because that is how LIFE is. The rules writers aren’t supposed to
break… they sometimes get broken in real life. Sometimes a person really does
have a 360 on their personality. Though I think any readers that studied
psychology will see that the one you change the most secretly always was that
way- you just unmask him.

Anonymous: Many actions have been perpetrated in my name.
Some have been amazing and change the very flavor of the universe. Some have
destroyed tiny parts of me. As you said, I am not weak but I am flexible. I am
willing to sway and bend to care for the others, yet when my feet dig into the
Earth, nothing can move me. Will you show all sides of me? Not just the ones
that people enjoy?

 You ask as if you’d let me write you any other
way. (laughs)

Anonymous: I can’t force you to do anything. I can only…
encourage. Yes, we’ll stick with encourage.

 (laughs more) I believe I had this discussing
with Xavier. You aren’t my puppets, I am yours.

Anonymous: (smiles) Good. Then this will be very
interesting. Is there anything you would like to ask me before we end, and I go
back to being that quiet voice amongst the much louder ones?

 If they dedicate themselves enough, can anyone
and everyone eventually find you?

Anonymous: I’m not sure how to answer that. To find me, you
have to be willing to be vulnerable and accept that I may not be there just
because you think I should be. But I am always close, and I want everyone to
have a part of me. Even if I choose to only be with my one… the one who makes
my soul sing. But perhaps it is when I am whole again that I can help more to find

 Then I suppose I need to keep writing so that
you can be fully flushed out and whole, lest the mobs show up at my door with
torches and pitchforks!

Anonymous: Perhaps you could let me come home soon then?
They need me, and I fade without them. It’s very lonely in that quiet,
sheltered part of your mind.

 I shall have to harass my favorite editor some
more. The next books cannot go too far until the first one is truly done. And
by truly done I mean on the way to the presses. But it won’t be on its way
until it is submitted to an agent. And that won’t happen until my favorite
editor and I finally say that it is as polished as it can be. There are only
two more corrections we’re making, but they seem to have taken longer than the
amount of time it took to write the whole book! (laughs)

Anonymous: Then I shall have to be patient. Thank you for
letting me speak.

 Thank you for existing.

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