Jul 11 2012

Liebster Blog Award

My deepest and most sincere thanks to @nicolehill17 from http://nicolefaithhill.blogspot.com for the gift of this award. 

The rules are: 


1. Thank and link
back to the person who presented you with the award. Add the award logo to your


2. Answer the eleven
questions posted for the nominees.


3. Share eleven
random facts about yourself.


4. Write eleven
questions for your nominees and then…


5. Nominate eleven
worthy blogs and contact those bloggers so they know about it! (No tag backs.)



The Liebster Blog Award is given bloggers who have less
than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning: sweetest, kindest,
nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and

As a new blogger, it feels good to know that someone out there that
follows me loves my blog and my posts, therefore they love my mind.” – Lil

The eleven questions
I was given and my answers to them:

1. Early bird or night owl? I am definitely a night owl.

2. Who inspires you? (Anyone from history dead or alive) Anyone with the wits to reply with a
well-written lie while under fire from the pie in the sky… LOL! Alright, name
dropping: Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Bill Bryson, The Lorax (I
shall count this character because you can’t prove that there’s no such thing.
Ha ha.), Heath (Now I’m counting one of my own characters! Yeah well, you try
living with him in your head and then we’ll discuss acquiring an ability not to
count him for this question!), my mom (… and now I’ve thrown in a cliché…),
and about a dozen of my readers/fans/followers.

3.  What is the best
book you’ve read in 2012 so far? The
by Stephen King

4.  How many hours do
you spend on your blog per week? That
depends on the week. Usually two or three.

5. Where do you wish to be in ten years? Earth. I don’t think the Mars colony will
have a decent coffee shop in ten years, so I’m pretty sure I’ll stay here.

6. Are you doing what you love? Yes, I am proud to say that I am.

7. Any profession in the world, what would it be? A choice.

8.Did you start your blog for you or for the readers? For my readers.

9. Beer or Wine? Depends
on what you’re serving with it.

10. Bubbly or boring? In
my drink I prefer boring. In my cheerleader I prefer bubbly. Ha.

11. Your perfect mate would be? My spouse. I am tempted to select a certain character from my series,
but that person already has a mate and I wouldn’t stand a chance in that


11 facts about @JLenniDorner

The questions for my nominees:


1- What is the most inspiring blog prompt you have


2- What is the biggest step you have taken toward achieving
your dreams?


3- Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and


4- What could someone say about a newly published book that
would cause you to go get it immediately?


5- What is the most fun activity you have ever engaged in
with others online?


6- Do you care enough to change something in the world; and
if so, what is it and how do you try to change it, and if not, why not?


7- What makes it all worth it?


8- Would it be better to be world famous for a failure or to
be considered the greatest but only known by a small group of people?


9- Do you feel that the golden rule (do unto others as you
would have them do onto you) still applies in today’s online world of tweeting,
Facebook fanpage subscribing, and anonymous page/post commenting?


10- What is the kindest act that you have seen someone do in
the past 30 days?


11- What does your blog offer to the world that no one
possibly could?



My 11 nominations:


1- http://www.thewritingnut.com/    @nutschell


2- http://freedomofnonbelief.blogspot.com/    Timothy Brannan http://www.facebook.com/timothy.brannan


3- http://www.christinenolfi.com/blog/    @christinenolfi


4- http://craigmmcgraywrites.blogspot.com/    Craig Mcgray


5- http://allisonbruning.blogspot.com/     @emeraldkell



6- http://dwightokita2011.blogspot.com/    @dwightokita  (unable to partake)


7- http://www.createliveblog.com/     Carly at Createliveblog


8- http://karamonterey.blogspot.com/   Kara Monterey


9- http://melissalummis.blogspot.com/    Melissa Lummis



10- http://alwaysabooklover.blogspot.com/   Victoria Teoh


11- http://www.scifiromance.info/     Maria Hammarblad



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  2. Hi J! Thanks so much for passing on this award to me. It certainly made my day!

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