Jul 19 2012

A to Z whoops…

There is a fantastic gift from the April A to Z blog challenge. It’s a clickable thing that allows one to randomly skip from blog to blog. I used it myself for a while. I discovered wonderful new friends this way.

There’s also a share button here on my blog, under each post. This allows readers to share what I’ve written on a variety of websites with just some quick clicks. I really love that share feature. It too can bring me more friends. 

My share button stopped working. I was alerted to this only yesterday. I contacted support. They informed me:
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of Advanced Technical Support.

We have reviewed the issue with the “share this” feature not working in your Quick Blogcast for JLENNIDORNERBLOG.WHAT-ARE-THEY.COM. The issue is caused by a conflict with the A to Z next button script in your sidebar. You will need to either remove this script from the Quick Blogcast or replace with different code that does not cause the issue. 

Please contact us if you need further assistance. 

Dennis S.
Advanced Technical Support

So it seems that I can no longer feasibly keep this button on my sidebar. It isn’t really gone from the world- it can be accessed from other sites, after all. 

I am sorry for any confusion caused by the removal of this button, and also any confusion or difficulty created by the share button having been dysfunctional.  
J Lenni Dorner

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