Jul 31 2012

A Hero – Just for Fun

I have taken part in the hero blog hop as a reader only. (I
missed the deadline to join in!) However, the more I read, the more my characters (especially
Heath) are demanding that I write a hero post for them. So here it is! (Now
maybe a writer can get some peace and quiet for a few hours…)



J Lenni Dorner: Alright Heath, since you’ve demanded this
post, why don’t we start with you telling everyone just why you are a hero?


Heath: I didn’t demand anything. I just casually suggested


J Lenni Dorner: I’m trying to imagine you making a casual
suggestion. Would that be like the time you wrote “for your mouth” on


Heath: (interrupts with a booming laugh) It’s positively
sinful how well you know me. Why don’t you insert that stuff you’ve been saying
about me all day?


J Lenni Dorner: My favorite fictional hero is my own, Heath.
(Because he’ll stone me to death if I name anyone else. Seriously, living with
this guy in my head is quite the experience! LOL)

He isn’t actually fully aware yet that he is going to be a
hero, but that won’t stop him from shoving his way into the spotlight! The
funny thing about this is that when he actually does something heroic, like
saving a bunch of orphans from a flood or beating the daylights out of an
abusive bastard, he doesn’t brag about it. He’d much sooner talk about his
sexual conquests, his chess match wins, or his sexual conquests. (He’s with
twins right now, thus the double mention. My poor brain. LOL) But in the end,
he will prove that he is a great hero. Then again, maybe he’ll be the ultimate
villain. I’d hate to rule anyone out just yet, as readers will have a long
journey ahead before that answer sneaks out!


Heath: I sent the twins back home! It’s almost breakfast
time, after all. They had their fun.


J Lenni Dorner: Uh huh.


Xavier: What’s going on here?


Heath: The author is bragging about me.


J Lenni Dorner: You know… there was a blog post that
I read where the character being interviewed was wearing only a towel. 


Heath: Hell, I can do that! (Starts stripping.) X, go grab
me towel would you?


Xavier: (facepalm)


J Lenni Dorner: Why don’t you just stay naked, Heath. I’m
sure there are readers that like you that way.


Xavier: I’m shocked he ever bothers to get dressed at all.
So what is this interview about?


J Lenni Dorner: Heroes.


Xavier: (stares at me)


J Lenni Dorner: Oh come on, not that look! It isn’t my
fault! Heath demanded to be named the hero.


Heath: I’m leaving the Alpha blog for Xavier. He can lead.
I’ll stay back here and take care of the women.


Xavier: (glances back and forth between the two of us)


J Lenni Dorner: You have your heroic moments in the first
book, Xavier, but I’m sure a few will question your wisdom after your
confrontation with Tred.


Xavier: I’m sure they will. I think it will make sense later
though. It was how it had to be.


Heath: I disagree.


Xavier: Is that because you don’t know how to keep your paws
to yourself?


Heath: Maybe. I just think you should have taken charge of
that situation.


Xavier: You don’t understand what I was asking of her, what
I was taking from her.


Heath: It’s nothing compared to what you were giving her.


Xavier: If that was the whole truth, the story would have
started out with us together.


Heath: Whatever you say, oh fearless leader.


J Lenni Dorner: Are you a fearless leader, Xavier?


Heath: Yes he is.


Xavier: I don’t know about fearless. I lead because that’s
what I am supposed to do. I was born into this, what word did you use before
… Alpha role.


~A voice drifts in to the room: We’ll see which of you is
the Alpha.


Xavier: Who said that?


Heath: Beautiful voice! Who does it belong to? And why does
this place suddenly smell like cookies?


Xavier: It does
smell like cookies! What’s going on here?


J Lenni Dorner: I guess you to will have to wait to find


Heath: If I tell you that you’re our hero for writing the
story and thereby giving us new worshippers, will you tell me who that
seductive voice belongs to?


J Lenni Dorner: Not yet.


Heath: I got naked for this! I at least want one of those
freakin’ cookies!!!


J Lenni Dorner: (laughs)

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