Apr 12 2013


clung to Rebekha’s sleeve to keep from losing her. He wondered if the trek
through the desert was a mistake. The goddess has promised him if he met her in
the middle of April here in Egypt
that the reward would astound him. She promised Anthony that he and his beloved
would be forever free. The khamsin wind mocked his faith as it blasted the pair
with waves of heat and grains of sand.

you sure we are going in the correct direction?” she shouted to him.

he replied, though all direction was lost on him at the moment.

stopped and huddled together. Darkness crept upon them.

are going to die in this desert tonight.” Rebekha’s words were a statement
of certainty, and Anthony had no reassurance to offer which could contradict
them. Food and shelter were distant recollections.

love you,” he said. “If this is the end of my story, I harbor no
regrets, for I would rather die here with you in my arms tonight than live a
hundred more years without having known you.”

rolled from her cheek on to his. He whispered a plea for her not to waste
precious water in such a way. She sobbed harder and tightened her hold on him.

demand that this cursed wind stop!” she shouted.


            The wind

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    Glad this guy was very sure of the right directions 🙂

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