Apr 20 2013



            Anthony and
Rebekha stared at each other in silence for a long time. The sun’s heat
castigated them for their stillness. All around them it was quiet and still. Not
a single grain of sand drifted.

            Then, from
over a sand dune, a bright light appeared. It drew closer to them, but neither
moved to shield their eyes. A woman of magnificent beauty soon stood before

forgive me, Goddess. I would kneel if my legs could remember how,” Anthony

            The Goddess
let out a soft laugh. Rebekha looked up and down as she surveyed this
mysterious desert lady. Her coverings were of expensive cloth, but were so
miniscule that modesty was in peril. Effulgent eyes and skin made it difficult
to keep focus on her for long. Rebekha looked away. It was then that her nose
alerted to a nearly-lost memory. The perfume the Goddess wore was redolent of Rebekha’s

have not known that scent since I was a baby.” Tears rolled down her sandy

not cry. I hoped the memory would be a pleasant and calming one for you. I
shall bathe the oils away if you like.”

in the desert would you bathe, Goddess?” Anthony asked.

a wink and a smile she answered, “I rather hoped that you would assist me
with that. Or is she the only one to have discovered the truth today?”

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