Apr 22 2013



            The maidens
grinned and giggled as the handsome man approached. He smiled, removed his top
hat, and bowed. “Ladies,” he said in greeting. Giddy whispers and
flushed cheeks abounded. He was stunning enough on an ordinary day, but dressed
in this spectacular tuxedo he was down right ravishing. A rap on the door was
made, followed by announcing himself.

yanked the door open, grabbed his hand, ushered him inside, and flung the door
shut. Her bouquet shook as she trembled. The church bell clanged over head. The
windows threatened to split into a thousand tiny shards. Half a dozen leaves had
latched on to her wrinkled veil, which remained attached more so by miracle
than anything else.

have always been the sagacious one, Brother. Tell me what I am to do? If you
think it best, I will jump out of this window and run away with you. Love will
find us in some other city. We will build a life together under new names. This
crazed wind shall be our guide on the path to our new home. Or, if you agree
with our father, I will walk through that door when the music plays. I will
walk down that long aisle, at the end of which I shall make a vow to a
stranger. What will it be, my brother? Will we have a life without titles and
wealth, with no security for our future, and perhaps not even a bed to rest on
at night; or this life which waits just outside this door?”

            He let out
a heavy sigh as he freed one of the leaves from her veil. It was unfair of him
to put so much pressure on to her. She had yet to come to terms with a truth
that he had long since known. Perhaps, once she understood the gravity of the
situation, her new husband would asphyxiate in his sleep. Then she would be a
wealthy widow. There were worse fates for a girl. She could marry again, on far
better terms. Their father would be much more agreeable once Rebekha had her
own purse strings.


            “Are you

            He pulled
another leaf off of her. “I am certain. Send word with Joel if your groom
needs to be taught a lesson in manners.” He cracked his knuckles and

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