Apr 25 2013



            A fire
danced through the desert. A broken trail of glass could be followed by the
resolute. The blaze spun in a cyclone until it reached the glorious khamsin
wind. A magnificent explosion of lightning sprinted with the accelerated air.
The energy storm thoroughly enjoyed itself, up to the moment that that wind
inexplicably vanished.

            Flowing red
locks which sprouted from her head to the sand at her feet served as the only
cover for her naked body. She let out a deep huff.


            The red
head turned toward the bright eyed woman. “I waited my entire life for her
to present a decent gust. Finally she is able to do so, but instead turns it
off! I should cook both of them.”

            The woman
laughed. “Perhaps, but you will not. I must go greet them now. They are so
near to the truth that I only need to nudge.”

shall wait here. If I dance with verve like before, I am likely to shock them

think they would be shocked to see enthusiastic lighting?”

            The red
headed woman smiled. “No, but I am sure that two stray bolts would do the trick.”
Her laughter echoed as her body vanished in a blaze of jubilation.



And now a
seizure-educing video from a band with today’s word in their name.

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