May 03 2013

COMING SOON Letters To Blog Hop


I plan to run a blog up. 
Write a letter to a fictional character — from yourself, from your fictional character, from the subject of your latest photo… 
Could be a love letter, a penpal friend letter, a card, or a drawing of an alphabetical letter! A picture is worth a thousand words too!
Give fashion tips to these famous fictional people. Convince them to bake the latest cookie recipe you created. Preach to them if that’s how your blog rolls.
Teach a pretend someone from centuries ago how to use Facebook. The possibilities are endless. Be creative. Shine! 
I will suggest a fictional character from famous literature for each day. (Bloggers may opt to use someone else instead. The list will only be a guide of suggestions. Prompts, if you will.)

Sound interesting? Is this something you would sign up for? Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions before I go forward with this?

Linkytools, inlinkz, or simply-linked   -Which of those do you feel is the best?
IDEA plan B– Would you rather that this “hop” become a weekly prompt? Same concept, but writing a letter/blog post to a different well-known fictional character each week?
Please let me know!
The Facebook Group is Letters to Blog Hop 
The Twitter Hashtag will be #LettersBlogHop

image one for hop

image two for hop


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