May 06 2013

Liebster thoughts thanks to Dy

While a Liebster winner does not normally answer the
questions of those they nominate, Dy Saturday inspired me with the questions
posed. I hope my answers are enjoyable.


11.) You have two options for your memory: you can either be hated or forgotten instantly. Which one would you choose, and, as always, why?

11- It is better to be hated than to be forgotten. My logic
behind this answer is in the quote, “Those who do not learn history are
doomed to repeat it.”


Pick up a history book from a public school. Villains and Heroes
fill the pages. Books which mean to be objective rarely are, for history is
written by those who consider themselves the winner of the war.


Then there is the reality of what I am: a Lenni Lenape. Like
a vast majority of those who were native to the eastern shores of America, we are
easily forgotten. When asked to describe an “Indian,” the go-to
adjectives are of the tribes that became hated most by the “white men,”
which would be the tribes of the west. The Sioux were especially hated. Ask ten
random Americans to name five Native American tribes. Let me know if any of the
fifty answers are names of tribes from the East Coast.

Even if they do answer with my tribe, it will likely be as
which was what we were called after we became property. “Delaware‘s Indians.”

Modern people talk about fears of sacred Native American
graveyards being built over, that the area would be cursed. Philadelphia
and New York City
are both built on such spots. (One could argue that this proves the point.)


What good is it to be forgotten? I suppose if one wished to
get away with crimes or immoral acts, it would be very useful indeed. But if
one hopes to educate others, if one hopes to make a mark, if one hopes to leave
behind more than they took- one must be remembered, even if that memory is
attached only to hate.


A vast majority of the world hates Hitler. But almost no one
has forgotten him, or what happened when he became the voice of his party. And
from that memory the world has learned something (or at least the opportunity
to learn something exists). We fail only if we allow such atrocity to happen

(One could argue that this implies we have already failed.)

(One could also argue that it implies that someone somewhere
is working on not letting that history repeat.)


10.) Who would you want to play you in the movie about your life, and why?

10- Dobby.
Yes, the house elf from Harry Potter.

If I need to explain why to you, then you clearly did not
understand. Go read the books again and then rewatch the movies. Repeat until
it’s obvious why I would want this fictional character to play me.


09.) Let’s say you just found out that someone considers you a role model, why?

9- On Saturday, a child told me that I am the most amazing
person they have ever met. This is because the kid told me about the movie
Space Jam” and I said that I saw it in theaters. #JawDropping

As with most role models, that which we did ten or twenty
years ago seems to be better than that which we did last week.


08.) What is your favorite sight, sound, texture, taste, and smell, and why?


  • Sight-
    My favorite sight is the stars at night, because it takes so long for
    their light to reach us, and because they are good for wishing on.
  • Sound-
    My favorite sound is the snore of my spouse because it is a comfort to
    know that there is someone with me in the dark.
  • Texture-
    Velvet is my favorite texture because the softness relaxes me and clears
    my mind.
  • Taste-
    Oh, such an impossible question! There are so many tastes which I love. I
    could not even break this down between sweet, savory (umami), or salty.
    Sour and bitter I rarely enjoy.
    There was a Red Lobster fish dish created as a result of an episode of
    Food Network Star.

Macadamia Crusted Tilapia with White Chocolate
Beurre Blanc
” That hits all three of those notes. Perhaps I
shall select this dish as my answer.

  • Smell-
    Bacon cooking is my favorite smell because I have so many happy memories associated
    with it.


07.) When did you realize that you wanted to do whatever it is in life you’re currently doing?

7- Perhaps first we should clarify just what it is in this
current life that I am doing which is a result of a decision I made. The most
clear of that would be surviving. When did I decide that I wanted to stay
alive? When I looked at Death and said, “Not today. I am not finished
yet.” Which leads to the second bit of what it is that I do in life-
writing. I suppose I made that decision around the time I had a grasp of how it
was done, at the age when words were no longer just for vocabulary tests and
handwriting practice. When words became a way to express what I felt inside, I
knew I wanted make more of them. When words strung together in a pretend story
entertained others, I knew I would always depend on them. The final decision
came from the characters inside my head who said, “You can not die yet.
Our stories need to be told. You are not finished yet.” They demand that I
make the decision to stay alive over and over again. The exchange is their
promise that, through them, I will never die or be forgotten.


06.) If you were the concept creator of a TV show, what would it be about?

6- Oh, we are in trouble, aren’t we? I actually have a
concept created for a television show.

It will never air on television.

It might appear on YouTube if I ever figure out how to do
that and devote the time needed for it.

Why will it never appear? Because, as it is written, no sponsor would ever want to be
associated with it

Of course this means that someone would change it.
(Sponsors= money. No money= no show.)

And once it changes, it already exists. (Parenthood, Gilmore
Girls, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Modern Family, The Sopranos, Sons
of Anarchy, Titus, Dead Like Me, Life Unexpected, Malcolm in the Middle
— just
to name a few.)

And therefore there is no need for it. And it would die.


05.) How do you motivate yourself?

5- I ask myself that same question every day. The best
answer is that I do not motivate myself. The characters in my head eventually
get frustrated and take over the motivating. Sometimes they are nice about it.
More often they get loud.

Were I not a writer, someone would most certainly lock me in
a padded room for this answer.


04.) What are three things you “bring to the table”?

4- Three things I bring to the table are a unique outlook, a
calming influence, and the star light that exists only outside of the box.


03.) Why do you think it’s so easy for people to give advice, but not apply it to their own lives?

3- It is easier to offer to help others than to help
oneself. In the end, most people are desperate for a connection to someone. So
great is this need that some will, on occasion, and not always intentionally or
consciously, create a scenario in which they require help from another person-
even if that help is nothing more than advice, and even if that advice is
knowledge that they already had but did not apply here.

Toddlers are great at this.

The children I attended school with for a short while were
also focused on this course. The advice would be that an education could only
be received if they sat quiet and still while absorbing the information the
teacher presented. Yet they were unable to adhere to this advice. And so the
teacher stopped presenting the information intended, and reverted instead to
offering this advice once more. Thus these children earned attention which
those children who had already taken the advice would not get. So they sought
this advice not for the purpose of applying it, and not because they lacked it,
but because seeking it allowed them to meet their other need (for attention),
which they deemed more valuable than education.


02.) What are your goals for the end of this year, and what are you doing to achieve them?

2- This question will force me to make goals and a plan to
achieve them! I should have done that already. Maybe I did. It seems that I
have been slack. No time like the present!


  • Stay
    alive. I do more to achieve this goal than I will let on here.
  • Submit
    book one to at least three agents.

that it has been edited enough.

faith in myself again.

  • Keep
    up with my blog.

for blog hops.

host my own blog hops.

  • Move
    from this postal address to another postal address.

my family members relocate as well.

not to be depressed upon seeing so much of my life packed in boxes.

  • Plan a
  • Make a
    new friend.

one with similar interests in books and blogging.

“cheerleading” would be great. That is missing from my life.


01.) Why do you do this whole blogging thing?

1- It is said that for a book to be successful, the author
should generate buzz about it for three years before it comes out. That is one
reason. Another is that it gives me the opportunity to enjoy writing in a more
relaxed manner.

I covered this question in detail in another post in 2012.

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