May 12 2013

Married with Hashtag

May Blog Hop

The Prompt:

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place,
a time of your life…)

Married…with Children

If you do not know why that song is there you probably never watched this show on Fox.

Maybe it’s just me, but I miss the simple humor of this
show. Sure, in some ways, it had been done before. But in many ways it was
groundbreaking. They covered a wide variety of topics, all with a great amount
of humor. Could it exist today?


Al, for his many faults, never actually cheated on Peg.
Would Zappos put him out of business? And Peg, well, she looked at “What Would Donna Reed Do” as a guideline of what to avoid. Could she survive our
post-Oprah talk show world? The neighbors, Marcy and Steve or Jefferson, no
matter how annoying they got, a lot of people wondered why they weren’t that
close with their neighbors. Would they Tweet before coming over nowadays? Then
there’s Bud and Kelly. Without a doubt, Bud would have a “duckface”
picture on FaceBlook. (The social media for people with R C Hay and
Fridge-a-dor products.) Could Kelly or her boyfriends ever master a Tweet?


Whoa Jablonski!


For those of you born after 1997, or those who lived under a
rock in a cave during the 90’s and therefore somehow do not know about this
show, I shall list something else I miss.


You see that?

*Inserts old geezer
* Back in my day, that was called the pound sign or the number symbol!
Hash was something the hippies smoked, so a hashtag would probably be a label
on the marijuana to tell which flavor it was. Darn you kids and your confangled


Alright, in reality this name comes from Commonwealth English. Pound sign is a name used in America and Canada
(because we do not associate the word pound with money). 

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