May 14 2013

Happy here

May Blog Hop

The Prompt:

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that
make you really happy


1. The moments when I am
writing and so deep in the zone that the world fades away make me really happy.
When my sight is only the visuals inside my mind, when I become oblivious to
sounds beyond those in the story, when the strongest scent is my character’s
cologne – these are the moments for which I live.

2. My spouse’s snore. I
realize that a normal person would be annoyed by this, but I find it
comforting. (* Not that my spouse snores… No… That can’t be true…ha ha

3. Ripe, juicy, chilled
fruit on a summer day (especially plums and nectarines).

4. The tiny meow of a
little kitten, reaching out to the world for love.

5. A sale at the
bookstore. Also, a big bag filled with new books to read as a result of that
sale.  (But I saved so much money!
What?  My book to-read pile isn’t that
high… Ok, it isn’t taller than I am. 
So :p )

6. The sound of a gentle

7. The roar of a
powerful car.  (Is that little hybrid car
on?  Are you sure?)

8. Birthday cake.

9. Campfires.  Bonus points if there are marshmallows on

10. Comments on my blog,
new Twitter followers, retweets of my tweets, Facebook comments and shares on
my page and or profile… You get the idea and hint.

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