May 18 2013

Your Highness

May Blog Hop

The Prompt:


Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be
descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.


Decree of the Super Cool Friends with Mega


  • Whosoever holds the treasure is the ruler of the day.
  • None shall rule two days in a row*

            *Unless it is your birthday on the second day.

            *Unless you get sick or your mean parents make you miss
most of your first day.

            *Or if you come up with a mega cool game and we want
to play it longer.

  • Home is always safe. Yelling olly-olly-oxen-free
    teleports you home.
  • Time out is for bathroom breaks, parents showing up,
    and to get popsicles.
  • Guest friends have to agree to these rules, and they
    can’t be a ruler unless we all say so.


            I run through the Forest of Dreaded Darkness,
leaping over the traps of doom, zipping under the dragons which swarm over
head, avoiding the acidic troll spit on the ground. I swoop into the magic
hiding hole. There is a terrible smell in here today. It seems that Spot, the
mighty guardian dog, left royal poop in the F.D.D., and I managed to get
some of it on my pants during the last slide. Oh well, it can be cleaned later.

            Joey the Fast speeds by the magic hiding hole. The powers
are with me today, for I was not seen! Once he has zoomed out of sight, I
slide out and continue on my journey. The precious treasure must be well
hidden. Princess Tonya left it in the Bush of Whips yesterday, a location that
made it all too easy for me to find. Knight Nicole got in big trouble for
leaving it under the sleeping trolls last week. She should have known better.
We are supposed to stay away from the sleeping trolls! Only parents can wake
them and turn them into transporters. Joey the Fast always hides the treasure
up high, because he is the tallest and thinks that he can break the rule about
no one being a ruler twice in a row if none of us can reach the treasure. Mustin
the Fair and Wise always helps one of us retrieve it when Joey the Fast does

            I plan to hide the treasure in Kat’s Cooking Cove.
Carefully the magic water from the stream is mixed with the brownie batter
ground. Then I sprinkle on some clovers and violets. I tuck the treasure
lovingly into the special treat. I sprinkle a few diamonds around the edges to
encourage the others to eat it. (Parents think these are useless hunks of
quartz. What kind of insult is that to call a diamond?)

            The nearby castle provides the perfect spot for me to
watch. I sail over the ocean, climb the rocky cliff, and take my rightful spot
upon the throne. The sun is creeping low in the sky. One of my subjects must
find the treasure before the Wizard of Darkness takes over, forcing all of us
to return to the camps our parents.

            “Tag! You’re It.”

            “We aren’t playing tag, Joey.”

            “So give me the treasure and then we can play tag tomorrow
and I won’t make you be It.”

            I really hate being It. In fact, I really hate tag. The
idea of all of your friends running away from you for fear of your touch is
just stupid. A promise that I won’t have to be It is very tempting.

            “The quest can not be won with such a bribe. You
have to find the treasure on your own.”

            Joey the Fast makes a face and runs off toward the magic
hiding hole. He thinks the treasure will be in there because that’s where I put
it the last two times. I am glad he is going the wrong way. I don’t like it
when he wins.

            Princess Tonya nears Kat’s Cooking Cove. She would make a
good ruler. I watch from my throne with my heart full of hope. She pulls the
plastic dolls out of the wooden box and sits them down to tea. She’d be a good
ruler, yes, but is terrible follower. She tends to forget what game we are

            Kat the Cook comes over to play tea with her. Both of
them have the treasure well within their reach. They are to busy putting
pebbles into tea cups to have a look around. I can not really blame Kat for
this. She is the baby of the group, after all. We promised to let her play with
us after her big sister, Magical Miranda, grew up. She spends all of her time kissing boys like
Ralph and Steve now. Sometimes she makes one of them come here with her to play
with us. It’s nice of her to try, but I think kissing drained all her magic.
Ralph just sits quietly and nods at us. That is super boring, but it’s better
than Steve. He has no understanding of how games work and he breaks all our
rules. It is his fault that we had to get a new treasure. He took the last one
away. Miranda should have never forgiven him for that. Growing up makes you
really stupid, I guess.

            “Are either of you even looking for the
treasure?” Joey the Fast asks when he runs over to Kat the Cook and
Princess Tonya.

            “You mean you didn’t find it yet?” Princess
Tonya asks.

            “No. It isn’t in the magic hiding hole.”

            “It isn’t?” Princess Tonya looks shocked.

            “Would you like some tea?” Kat the Cook is

            “Dolls are for girls and tea is stupid. Shut up and
help me find the treasure since neither of you seem to even be playing the game

            “They are playing the game! My loyal subjects have
made tea at my request.” I saunter over and take a seat next to Kat the
Cook. Joey the Fast is getting on my nerves today.

            “Whatever. It’s getting dark. Where’s the

            “It is well hidden. I suggest that you look for it.
Or that you have some tea. Kat makes excellent tea.”


            “I don’t call your games lame, Joey! Don’t insult

            “They aren’t all lame. But I can’t find the
treasure. Can’t you do one of your story ones or something where you give us

            I hate to admit it, but seeing him frustrated is
exhilarating. He always wins at board games and sports stuff, and he is the
best speller among us because he is older and knows more words. (Though I am
glad he taught me that desert has one s and dessert has two because you always
want more dessert.) He has been the ruler more often than everyone else

            “Is the game over?” Mustin the Fair and Wise
asks as he walks over. His pants are torn at the knee. There’s a fresh bandage
under the rip. His cheeks have tear stains and his lips are bright cherry
popsicle red.

            “No. The loyal subjects have made tea. Will you join
us, Mustin the Fair and Wise?”

            “Okay.” He walks over and picks up the plate
with the sparkling dessert. “Shall I serve this, Your Highness?”

            Joey the fast makes a joke about Highness sounding like

            “Please do,” I say with a grin. Mustin the Fair
and Wise goes to cut into the dessert with the plastic toy knife. His jaw drops
like a ton of bricks.

            “I found the treasure! I found the treasure!”

            We all cheer for him. All except for Joey, who tries to
convince Mustin that he should hand the treasure over because of some
big-brothers-are-better-rulers nonsense. Hopefully Mustin can resist Joey for
the rest of the night. I really really really don’t want to play tag tomorrow.


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    • Arlee Bird on May 18, 2013 at 3:34 PM

    Being a kid is so cool. Sometimes I wish I could go back.

    Find on Twitter:

    • J Lenni Dorner on May 18, 2013 at 10:45 PM

    We never knew how good we had it.

    Hmm, that’s not entirely accurate.
    We never knew how grand the good parts were. The best memories made can’t be appreciated until it is to late.
    There. That’s better.
    • zoe on May 19, 2013 at 2:57 AM

    I loved how this was written. I miss running around the neighborhood with everyone hot on the trail. It was all so exciting!

    • J Lenni Dorner on May 20, 2013 at 2:30 AM

    Thank you for commenting! Those were the days. 

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