May 21 2013

Do Not Miss This Post

May Blog Hop

The Prompt:


Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links
to your favorite posts in your archives


I love this prompt! Oh
please, please, please take part in this! I have good posts to feature here.

Author for a dollar image

From this blog hop!
I created a survey in my
attempt to sell myself.
I would LOVE feedback/ votes!

Reader Thursday on Twitter

Why this post?
Because I value readers!
I think they should get
more attention on Twitter.
I hope you agree!

fake book image

A super short post!
There was a funny discussion on Facebook which brought me to this question.
Answer with a laugh?

Letter B post 2013

This post is slightly adult.
Maybe T for Teen or
PG-13 or TV 14.
There is a lack of ratings for
printed words.
I am okay with that.
Not the point of this post!
This post is meant to get
your attention and perk
your curiosity enough to get
you to read the others
from the challenge.

pirate funny smile face

A friend of mine loves this post.
She added it to her profile.
Do you like it?

yellow umbrella

I love the show

How I Met Your Mother

In this post
the characters discuss my book.


girl in charge image

Friday Fiction Post
This one amuses me.
It is based on a supporting character in
The Existence Series.


Several of my characters interviewed me.
That is like talking to yourself, but not crazy.
Because writers can get away with these antics.
This interview was my favorite of the series.

2012 A to Z

The 2012 A to Z challenge was fun.

Many of my posts were on the
minor or supporting characters.

This one has Limericks written by myself and a friend.

Do you have a favorite post on this blog which I did not mention? Let me know!

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