May 23 2013

Educate yourself

May Blog Hop

The Prompt:


Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve
learned that school won’t teach you


I have learned far more
outside of school that has been of USE to me than I learned in it. Hmm, maybe I
should add clarification. I did learn lessons in school which were not part of
the curriculum, after all. I learned a great deal about racism from a school
administrator who, I later learned, hides under a white sheet on the weekends.
(With the Klan in charge, is it any wonder that homeschool is so appealing?) I
learned about sexism through classmates who had to inform each other that
kittens (especially as seen on folders in trapper keepers) are only for
females. The logical reason behind this is not clear, as I know several males
of various ages who have pet cats. I learned, or should have learned, that
trust is something which should be earned over time, and even after it is
earned it should still be checked on like computers should run spysweeper


More that I learned that
schools did not teach me:


  • I learned how to sit among the trees and think. Just
  • How to say good-bye to someone forever.
  • Perfect pick-up lines to use while playing billiards.
  • How to tie a tie.
  • History lessons are generally biased.
  • History only remembers the different, unique, quirky,
    individualistic freaks that stood out. It knows nothing of sheep.
  • People are meant to be loved. Things are meant to be
    used. This shouldn’t be switched.
  • Today’s friend can be tomorrow’s stranger. This can be
  • Treasure is not found on the outside.
  • Fresh herbs can be frozen in olive oil to be used for
    cooking with later.
  • Greek yogurt or apple sauce can be used in place of oil
    with box cake mixes.
  • Facts are only a resource if you implement them
  • We may all look at the same thing, but we will not all
    see the same thing.
  • What you do to make money is not what you do in this
    world. Be more.
  • Grow a corn stalk, beans, and squash together. It makes
    nature happy.
  • Credit scores, ratings, and all the extremely important
    life altering information with that.
  • It is okay
    to disregard a goal that is no longer important to you.
  • Baby powder helps get the wet sand off your body.
  • Bullies are not interested in who you are. They exist
    to keep you from who you could be.
  • Solo cups have lines on them to measure 1oz, 5oz, and
    12 oz.
  • Take the stem nub off the avocado. Brown? No good.
    Green or yellow? Yum!
  • Empty toilet paper rolls can be cut and used as a cuff
    on wrapping paper rolls.
  • Rice dries mobile phones.
  • Plant flower beds in diamond patterns, not rows.
  • Roll citrus fruit before juicing or cutting.
  • Add a little oil to the water to keep the pot from
    boiling over.
  • Drill a hole on the side of a garbage can near the
    bottom to reduce bag pull out suction.
  • Hang a long string from the mouth of a dripping faucet
    until it is fixed. Water follows the string, so no more drip sound.
  • New Year’s Day: Start a jar or box of happy memories.
    Fill it all year. Dec 31- Open and enjoy!
  • I learned how to perform brain surgery from watching
    Grey’s Anatomy. I am as good at surgery as I am at magical arts, which I
    mastered by reading Harry Potter. (The
    “If A than B logic” I did learn in school

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    • Keia Lee on May 23, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    Thank you for coming by my humble little blog! I love this list of things you have learned outside of school… I can relate to the majority of them 😀
    Keia @ improvingmewithkeialee.blogspotcom

    • J Lenni Dorner on May 23, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    Thank you for dropping in as well! 

    It is a fun list, isn’t it?

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