Jun 09 2013

Feedback on me PART 1



What would you like to know? What do you need to know?


I have been contemplating writing this post for about two
months now. It has been suggested that I should have some small
on the sidebar here, and possibly a paragraph long section
on one or both of my web-sites.


What exactly should I
put there? What words about another person would grab your attention enough to
make you want to get to know them better? Equally important, what do you need
to know about an author to make you want to read their works?


That is an interesting
question. As many have heard or read, Jo Rowling was told to go by J.K. Rowling
in order to appeal to a male audience. The publishing house and their marketing
department decided that boys would not read Harry Potter if they knew it was
written by a woman.


Were they ultimately right?
Huge sales suggest that it is possible.

On the other hand- she is one
of the most recognizable authors in the world now. The cat is long since out of
the bag. Did boys stop reading when they found out that the author was female?

Given that mothers also have
the stereotype of being the bedtime story tellers, why would boys avoid books
written by one?

What are we teaching them by
allowing marketing and advertizing to cater to this?

Perhaps the only lesson is
that making money is more important than teaching equality.


Do you make that judgment when
you look at a book? “Wow! That’s a great title, and the blurb on the back
sure does sound interesting. But… oooh, I don’t know… it’s written by
someone of a different gender than I had hoped. Yeah, it can’t be good.”


(While I’m on this rant,
someone please explain: Cooking toys are often pink and found in the pink
aisles of the toy store. There are an exceptionally high number of men on Food
Network and other such stations. Why are none of those men strong enough role
models? Is there someone out there who said this: “He was really cute, but
he cooked for me. I mean, it was the best meal I ever had in my life, but I
just can’t date a guy with that skill!” I could throw in that I also have
yet to figure out why one would not want a mate who is able to care for a small
child, or could drive a fast car, or was able to win at video games.)


So what should I put in the about me section? What could I tell you about myself that
would compel you to become my friend and reader, but which would also not
prevent others from avoiding me?


  • I fall
    up the stairs.
  • I am
    an awesome Soul Calibur video game player.
  • I
    can’t cook very well.
  • I love
    sushi. (Hmm, I already covered that in a 2012…)
  • I am a
    foodie. This means that I will travel great distances to experience new
    tastes. It also means that I find any answer to, “Why are you
    eating that?” which does not imply the reason is due to pleasant taste
    to be completely illogical. I would rather be compared to Remy in Ratatouille
    than Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda.


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