Jun 24 2013

Love and a query

You walk along. Things seem alright. The world is the world. You appreciate it as it is (or maybe you don’t). Then, by unexpected chance, you find that someone who changes everything. The rest of the world grays away. But there are challenges to get that someone. Dangers that must be faced. The fight for love kicks you in the teeth and leaves you to die in the gutter. It becomes hopeless until…

This was the most honest love story I have ever seen on the big screen. It plays before Monsters University. Frankly, the Blue Umbrella is worth a $10 ticket all by itself.  Enjoy the above short preview clip from YouTube. 


What would the query sentences be for the Blue Umbrella story? 
(Just a little synopsis of what the story is about and why someone should care.)
  • Less than 100 words
  • Sentences must not be questions
  • Two to five sentences
  • No adverbs
  • “Industry friendly” keywords (archetypes)- do not refer to the characters as “Blue Umbrella” or “Red Umbrella” etc -come up with a compelling description
  • No spelling or grammar errors! 
  • No obscenities. Keep it G rated.
  • Be interesting
  • Introduce this as a fresh idea
  • Outline the important conflict of the main character 
  • Lay out the scintillating premise
  • Provide a clear sense of what is at stake
Ready? Set. WRITE!

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