Jul 10 2013

Exit cameraphone Light Enter concert Night

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            One of my
favorite news sites is the Gothamist. Today they have a debate about cameraphones at concerts. Here are my thoughts:


  • Something
    legendary might happen. It is one thing to say, “I was there when
    that singer pulled someone from the front row and proposed.” It’s
    another thing to be able to prove it by pulling up a video. If the event
    leads to future news-worthy topics (the singer and audience member have a
    kid who marries the baby that Kate and Will are eagerly awaiting, for
    example), it might become a “where-were-you” moment.
  • You
    could record evidence to help solve a crime. (I am assuming that, with the
    ongoing popularity of CSI, a fair amount of people have such an interest.
    If everyone in Dallas,
    had a cameraphone in
    November 1963, we wouldn’t still have a debate about a grassy knoll!)
  • Many
    of those cameraphones have access to apps. There is a virtual flame app.
    Easier to hold, less chance of burning someone in the process. For those
    of you with the misfortune of never seeing an entire stadium go dark as a
    great song starts, and then the flicking flame of hundreds of lighters
    accompanying the music– you missed out. It’s magical. It’s moving. It’s a
    moment that you will never forget. (Thank you, Metallica.)
  • There
    was a time that no cameras were allowed at a concert.
    camera image

    People bought disposable cameras in the high hopes that they would manage
    to sneak it past security to be able to take, at most, 27 pictures.
    (Which is how many most of those were able to take.) Then cameraphones
    came out. Security would take away cameras if they found them, but most of
    the guards had no idea that a phone might have such a capability!
    Eventually they figured it out though, and they DID take the phones.
    “Dude! If my mom can’t call me, I’m so dead!” Guess what? You
    better enjoy the concert, because you were going to be “so dead”
    later… the guard had your phone now. Then the cost of those phones went
    up. Way up. Two or three paychecks for 40 hours of pay at a minimum wage
    job equaled the cost of these new devices. So, when a guard took it away,
    people sued. The cost of concert tickets went sky high partly because
    venues had lost so much in legal fees. Then guards backed off the hunt.
    Looks like it is back on now!

  • Frankly,
    I’d rather that someone used the phone to take pictures and video than to
    talk on it, loudly, the entire duration of the concert. Either sing along
    or shut up! (Sometimes there’s a reason the crowd drops a surfer. If you
    had a video of how annoying the person was for an hour beforehand, people
    might be more sympathetic to the crowd that later accidently let that person fall.)

  • Some
    people (like me ) do not want their picture taken. Trying to explain that
    in the middle of a rock concert to a stranger is impossible.

be sure I am not in the pictures.”


Do not capture me, please.”


your phone! Do not take my picture.”

you on Facebook? We have to friend first, I think.”

hair is on fire.”




will help. Here, use mine.”

kidding! I’d never do that. Really…)

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