Jul 24 2013

Welcome to the party

Hi, welcome to the party. Come in and grab a


Currently playing is a song from Bikinis for Eskimos. The DJ
hands you the request list. Quick! Pick a song that you want to be played.

There is small quiet group sitting in the left corner
discussing the royal baby. A young lady with baby-fine brown hair says that she
adores the name George. Perhaps you would like to sit with them and weigh in?

A fiery red head dances her way over to a man with strange
eyes that resemble a field of lavender on sunny day. “Be my Antonio from Despicable
Me Two?” she asks him as she takes his hand. There is both a man and a
woman available to dance with, as well as group that is swaying to the music
while discussing the movie that was just mentioned. Care to partake?

Two good looking fellows and their lovely wives are to the
right. “Red Socks rule!” one says. “Please! Yankees all the
way.” The heated debate sparks over the rival teams. Are you brave enough
to take a side, or perhaps add another to the mix?

A well dressed man with short red hair is on the balcony
sipping wine. He looks like he is staring at the world in contemplation of what
to offer it. Then again, he could just be practicing his model pose, because
he’s certainly good-looking enough to have the job. Might you venture out to
engage him in conversation?

Off in the next room is a man with a dog. The two are
playing together while watching America’s
Got Talent. On closer inspection, there are actually several animals in the
room. A bird is perched on the couch. A hamster is on the table. There is a
sleeping cat on the chair. What looked like a yellow scarf on a coat rack is
actually an albino Burmese Python. Will you make your way into this area?

Down the hall is the master bedroom. The door is open and
there is a small group of people in there have a wild time. “Truth!” declares
a half naked muscular man who is sitting on the bed. A giggling girl asks him
to recant a funny story. “How in the magma do you want me to pick just
one?” He lets out a roaring laugh. His eyes dart to the door. “Join
us if you dare. Newcomers have to take the current challenge though. So, if
you’ve got a funny story, come in and share.” He gives you a warm smile.
There’s a shift in the gravity of this room. You can feel yourself being pulled
toward him. Only a moment exists for you to decide if you’ll join this group. A
buxom blonde says with a laugh, “The challenge was to do a strip tease
when I got to the room. Don’t happen to see a thong around out there, do

Another girl bounces past you. “Gotta pee, gotta pee,
gotta pee!” she squeaks. She knocks on the bathroom door. “Just one
more chapter. Minute! I meant minute. Just a minute. Occupied!” The voice
on the other side of the door says. The girl bounces off to use the other
bathroom instead.

Comment to keep the party going! What song did you ask the DJ to play? Which group will you migrate toward and what will you say once you get there? Welcome to the fun!

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  1. Love the way you engaged the readers on this! First off, picking water was easy since I don’t drink 🙂 And no way would I brave a Yankees/Red Sox group – that gets ugly fast. I’m thinking I’ll request Lose Yourself by Eminem, take the DJ’s dare to rap it, and then pop over and discuss the royal spawn.

  2. If there’s something named dragon I want it! LOL!

    Next stop DJ. I scribble down Pink and “Get the party started” so I can dance my way around the room.

    Enter split personality: Imaginary me goes to the bedroom and tells an incredibly funny story. Real life me is a bit shy and would gravitate towards the animals. After making friends there I’d be brave enough to mingle.

    And LMAO at “just one more chapter” XD

    • J Lenni Dorner on July 25, 2013 at 2:59 AM

    Thanks so much! And now to keep it rolling:

    The girl with the fine brown hair smiles at you, and your choice of water. She raises her own cup with the same beverage in toast. “Hi, I’m Wend. Please sit and join us. What do you think of the royal baby’s name?”
    • J Lenni Dorner on July 25, 2013 at 3:04 AM

    Thanks for coming by to comment today. Looks like you’re having fun at the party! I’ll keep it going for you (while also being the one in the bathroom, hee hee). 

    Imaginary you has the attention of the room, or as much attention as a bunch of partially to fully naked people who are more inebriated than the others here can devote. “Sweet story! Welcome to the fun room. Come on in and sit by me.” The hunk on the bed pats an empty spot beside him. “So, since you took the challenge that would have been mine, I’m your next victim, and I pick dare.” He gives you a drop-dead-sexy grin. “Lay it on me.”
    To real you, the one playing with the dog perks up and says hello, though the first try at the word sounds suspiciously more like a bark. “I’m Caleb,” he says as he takes a seat on the couch. The sleeping cat wakes up, stretches, and sneaks across the furniture to resettle on Caleb’s lap. He pets the puddy, which purrs in delight. “Don’t you just love this show? Sharon is one of my favorite people in the world!”
    • Rachel on July 25, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    I love this post! So much fun! I would ask the DJ to play some Mika–you know for the European crowd–and then head out to the dance floor to join the dancers, or, if the wine had kicked in, maybe venture upstairs for a chat with the brooding red head.

    • J Lenni Dorner on July 26, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    Thanks for joining in! To keep it going:

    green eyes look you over as you step out on to the balcony. “Well hello
    there. Xavier Doyen, at your service.” He flashes a sexy smile before
    taking another sip of his wine.

    temperature of the balcony is unseasonably cool, something there is no real
    explanation for, as the sun is shining and it looks dreadfully hot everywhere
    else in the city. “So, are you enjoying the party thus far?” he asks. 

  3. This is so much fun! =D I’m moving this weekend and might only have Internet on my phone until Monday, so if I disappear it’s not out of lack of interest. =)

    Imaginary me takes a seat on the bed, crosses her legs and folds her hands together in a completely failed attempt to look prissy.

    What could possibly be a dare for a guy like this?

    “I want you to tie your shirt around your head and run around the house yelling, ‘I’m superman.'”

    *tilts her head to the side and flashes a sweet, innocent smile*

    Real me calls for the dog in silly baby-talk.

    “Here doggy-doggy, such a pretty doggie you aaaare! What’s your name pretty doggy? Want a tummy-rubbie?”

    Oh, the man said something. Real me has no clue to who Sharon might be – so she feigns interest in the TV.

    “Sharon? Oh yes, Sharon rocks. I’m Maria, pleasure to meet you, Caleb! Pretty cat you have there!”

    • J Lenni Dorner on July 26, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    Heath laughs at the dare from imaginary you. He gets up up and ties a shirt around his head. “I’d love to see you prove that I’m not superman.” He gives you a wink and then runs off shouting, “I’m superman! I’m superman!” 

    Caleb raises an eyebrow as you speak baby-talk to the dog. “I think you’re the first person to ever do that with him, you know. I could be wrong though.” His eyes move to the television again. “Oh I love his outfit! I wonder who made that for him? He has the cutest butt.” 
    Suddenly Heath crashes into the room. “I’m superman! And I thought you said that I had the cutest butt.”
    Caleb rolls his eyes, “No, I said you have the finest ass. Why are you superman?”
    Heath shrugs. “It’s a dare.” He leans over your shoulder. “Hi, I’m superman. My x-ray vision loves what you have on under that.” He chuckles and aims to leave a kiss on real you’s cheek before he dashes back out of the room. “SUPERMAN!!!”
    “Never a dull moment. This isn’t my cat, by the way. I’m not really sure who brought the cat. The animals just all like being around me.”
    Back in the bedroom, Heath returns and plops down beside imaginary you. “Fantastic time.” He pulls the shirt off his head and throws it aside, his powerful muscles flexing with the movement. “Brave enough to take another challenge?” he asks with a smile. 

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