Aug 01 2013

Another We Want To Know Wednesdays

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{no. 1} What are three things you couldn’t live
without (not including food, water, shelter, etc.)? 


I absolutely need to be able to write. I prefer to use a
computer, but I grew up using a pen and paper, and I would resort to etching
with a stone if that’s the only option. So, given that basic survival gear is
excluded from this question, I shall leave my answer with only “a way to
write” because that may or may not include three things all by itself;
but, no matter what, I would not consider myself alive if I did not write.


{no. 2} If
you could wear only one beauty product, what would it be?



{no. 3} Are
you excited for the school year to be starting soon?

I can honestly say that I do not care one way or the other.
Unless I get stuck in traffic behind a bus or need to slow down while driving
through a school zone during the “flashing 15 MPH” time slots, school
starting back up doesn’t matter to me. Wait! What am I saying?!? There is a
sale on pens at Walgreens! OMG a pen sale. I take it back, I take it all back,
I’m psyched! Hooray for new pens.


{no. 4} What
has been your favorite thing about summer so far?

My best-friend had an awesome birthday party at a casino. I
won $40. That was sweet.


{no. 5} What are some
questions you would like to see asked in the We Want To Know link up? 

~Random Stuff~

  • What
    is your favorite saying?
  • What
    did you cover up?
  • Do you
    recycle and what?
  • What
    is your best witty insight?
  • Are
    you a warrior or a worrier?


~Movie Questions~

  • There
    are two kinds of people in the movie “Signs” – those who leave
    it all up to fate and chance, and those who believe in miracles. Which are
  • Who is
    your favorite Star Wars character?
  • In
    “Joe versus the Volcano,” he is thankful for his life. Are you
    thankful for yours, and why?
  • Which
    movie Batman is your favorite- Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney,
    or Christian Bale?
  • How would you handle The Box?


~Questions from the Music~

  • Does
    he, ever, get the girl?
  • Why
    are there always more Barbies than Kens?
  • Who
    are you?
  • Would
    you like to swing on a star?
  • Can
    you feel the love tonight?


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