Aug 02 2013

Off-topic fiction



Meanwhile, in a fictional world far, far, away…



            The General
looked over the document. Klommarg was a ceremony between two living beings of
stable mind which bound them to each other. To be eligible, both participants
had to show their allegiance to the Efocknir. This meant that the bound ones
would hold up the ways of life, the guidelines, and the beliefs of the
Efocknier, in addition to defending their sacred land, people, and relics with
every available resource. The ceremony did not, however, guarantee either participant
a change in social status, housing in the community of the other, a rank or
title, or access to any funds or benefits of the other. It was, however, the
only way that the Efocknir people would recognize that the two were bound to
each other.

the bargain for you in this contract, isn’t it?”

            “It is
the standard document, General. All who have been bound in an approved Klommarg
ceremony have signed one just like this.”

but there are flaws, for me, in this document. For one, I do not share all of
your beliefs, or rather, I do not follow your exact interpretation of all of them.
The land I grew up in has proven that several of your stories are askew.”

are not stories, General. They are history. And they are accurate.”

            A heavy
sigh came from the General. “They are not entirely accurate. Of this I am
certain. This argument only strengthens my point. I cannot uphold that which I
do not believe in.”

every follower of Efocknier manages to evade questions of faith and
interpretation. We will reeducate you so that this truth can be learned.”

            The General
drew the famous sword and balanced it on the table, the tip pointed at the one
daft enough to speak in such a way. “There will be no reeducation.”

there will be no Klommarg for you.” It was a daring reply, almost a dare.

will lose out on my pledge to protect your land, people, and relics with my
every available resource. You do realize the value of those resources, do you

you will not pledge to do your best to honor the Efocknier way, we would just
as soon not have your resources, as extensive as they are. Thank you for
coming, General. I shall break the news that the Klommarg has been denied. The
one you were meant to be bound with will, no doubt, be heartbroken by the

            The General
rose and tucked the sword away. “There are other ceremonies that have the
same outcome.”

there are not. Only a Klommarg ceremony will bound two together in the Efocknir

but other ceremonies will entitle my dearest to a high social status, housing
in my village, and a proper title. There is a legally binding document my
people have which requires no contractual vow to beliefs that I do not have. We
would need to have that anyway, even if you approved us for a Klommarg. So we shall
make do with just that, as so many others have. ”

Klommarg is very beautiful.”

well, so are flowers, but they wilt in time. The Efocknier need to reevaluate
the interpretations of that which alienates those who have already proven that
some of your beliefs are inexact.”

will never happen.”

you shall never have the protection of my military. Good day.”



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