Nov 13 2013

Small Win

“Celebrate the Small Stuff”

How many times have you heard that? Well, here’s my tiny victory: 
Best Consolidation of Words (or Most Concise!)

J. Lenni Dorner @ 12:41 pm

Other than bragging rights, I didn’t get anything. Perfectly acceptable, as I was playing for the joy of writing and the thrill of tossing my hat into a ring. 
The Bitter Pill contest entry required the following: 
You need to write a short story using these five words:
Bonus points if it has a mystery element!

Here’s mine:

The sheriff got pregnant even though she was on the pill. I'd hate to criticize our town pharmacist, as I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding, but someone tampered with the package. I wonder if he's still bitter that the sheriff cheated on him with me IMAGE by J Lenni Dorner

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