Nov 13 2013

The Experiment Day Two Post Game

Welcome to the Medieval Era. 

game image

I have three cities now. I
didn’t build any new wonders, but none of the wonders that I hope to build have
been taken, either. An unknown player lost their capital, so that’s one down! Carthage is displeased that I settled near them (though
it’s the city not next to them- Adrianople-
which ticked them off). India
has a mighty army going, so my goal of domination is not looking so good right
now. I met another nation- Korea.
I don’t think I’ve ever played against them before. I am still the most well
fed by far.


well fed score is ten image

It’s 10:30PM. My desire to write is hindered only by the war
going on in my head. I can’t honestly say that I feel more or less motivated
than I did before the game. 


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