Nov 15 2013

The Experiment Day Three

There was no post yesterday because I took a NyQuil induced
coma sick day. I believe I wrote about 50 words at some point, none of which
made coherent sentences. I feel much better today though, so I’m back on point!



Thirteen thousand two hundred seven words image


I got to the keyboard around 5PM. Feeling way behind, I
launched straight into writing. Around 7:30PM, my mojo was interrupted by a
call from Mom. Then the text message bombardment began. I launched the game,
figuring I’d play while I dealt with everything, hoping that I’d be more
focused when the world was done with demands and I had eaten lunch.


Words by break time:

Thirteen thousand three hundred ninety nine words image


The game had other plans. Korea declared war on me. They
knocked off half of my units. Then Carthage
decided also to declare war on me. Do I smell bad? My computer crashed just as
my capital was captured. Here are the final shots.

bad smile image


game over image


I’m enjoying pasta in olive oil for lunch. After that, I’m
digging back in to writing.

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