Mar 03 2014

Authors with blogs chain hop

This is a blog chain hop on writing for authors with blogs. It is my honor to have been tagged by Ia

Ia Uaro was a published author at 17 and used the proceeds
to help fund her university studies, during which time she was active in
aero-modelling, martial arts, mountaineering, speleology… and studied
petroleum seismology among her music-playing friends. After her graduation she
worked with French, Norwegian and American geophysical companies, besides being
a volunteer translator. In Sydney
since 1995, She is now a mum who does several kinds of volunteer work, assesses
manuscripts, reviews books, interviews authors and writes real-life socio
fiction. You can find her post at

Amazon buy link:

1. What am I working on?


  • I’m
    editing book one of my fantasy series. This is possibly considered a
    portal fantasy, as most of the survivors of Earth went through a magical
    portal to get to this land. However, the story isn’t about that. The focus
    is on one of them and the path he carves out for himself in this strange
    world. The story has magic, magical creatures, and a sword-wielding lady
    who leads an army.


  • I’m
    rewriting Fractions of Existence with a different setting to see how it


  • I’m
    working on my A to Z challenge posts. What’s that about? Come back on
    March 21 for the theme reveal to find out!


  • I’ve
    taken a fantasy class at Creative
    Writing Institute
    , so I’m writing a short story for that. I’m planning
    for it to be an adventure of Monoghan and Candra
    Learn more about this great school, which helps people with cancer, by
    following @deborahowen


  • I’m
    also in a class which focus on writing for children and young adults. The
    fantasy series I mentioned at the start of this question- I’m co-writing a
    short story about the sword-wielding lady when she was younger.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?


  • The
    fantasy series differs because it is on a world born from societies that
    have ended.


  • Fractions
    of Existence differs from other urban fantasy in that it is unclear what,
    exactly, the main characters are, classification wise. This is why the
    website is


  • My A
    to Z challenge
    posts, well, the story will be in my voice, and that’s all
    I’ll say for now!


  • The
    adventure of Monoghan and Candra… actually, I’m not far enough along to
    know the answer on how it will be different from all others of the genre.
    Monoghan is certainly an unusual take on his type of character.


  • The
    short story about the sword-wielding lady is different in how she responds
    to social norms.


3. Why do I write what I do?


  • I
    write what I do because the characters in my head are loud and demanding.
    LOL. A good fantasy story, no matter the sub-genre, draws a parallel to
    our real world and our history. The best of them do this without the
    reader noticing the first time it is read. Fiction offers vital knowledge,
    such as how to survive an extreme situation, which may be relevant to the
    reader one day. (Or perhaps is cathartic in that it already is relevant to
    the reader, in which case it’s like a support group which offers a story
    without making the reader go next and offering their own. Sometimes it
    helps to know others have gone through something, even if those others are
    fictional.) Fiction also allows readers to step into situations they have
    always dreamed of, such as a chance to be the hero. Of course, no hero can
    exist without a challenge to overcome, and that’s what writers pen. We
    also put words into the mouths of actors… anyone catch the Oscars?


4. How does my writing process work?


  • An
    idea comes into my head. I write it down. Words attach to it. Characters
    are born. I take vivid, detailed notes on those characters. The characters
    have strong feelings about something. Those become scenes. The scenes
    become chapters. And, you guessed it, the chapters become a book (or a
    story, or a script, etc). Then the editing… oh, that’s another process!



And now to introduce the next author!

This writer was bold and brave enough to jump in. The writer
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I put the offer out there. No takers. So, the hop, sadly,
ends here.


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