Mar 13 2014

A recap of my #twitterfiction day 1 offering

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My contribution to the current #twitterfiction is a series of tweets retelling Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” but with a Twitter twist. Here is what you may have missed on day one:

1 #twitterficton

Dreadfully nervous, it’s true, I had been and still am. But
will you say that I am a mad tweeter?

2 #twitterficton

My abilities to read, tweet, retweet, and favorite were far
above all other tweeters. I tweeted all topics on earth!

3 #twitterficton

I retweeted many topics that were pure hell. How, then, am I
mad? Observe how calmly I tweet you this story.

4 #twitterficton

It is impossible to say how this egg first entered my realm.
Did he follow me, or did I follow him?

5 #twitterficton

It haunted me day and night. Profile image- there was none! Passion
or favorites among our tweets there was none.

6 #twitterficton

I loved the young egg. He had never failed to retweet me
when asked. He had never mocked my offerings.

7 #twitterficton

For his number of followers I had no desire. I held no anger
when he was retweeted and I not.

8 #twitterficton

I think it was his egg! Yes, it was this! The egg of a
default user- a bright white egg, with solid color around it.

9 #twitterficton

Whenever the egg appeared on the home page of tweets, my
blood ran cold; and so – very gradually-

10 #twitterficton

I made up my mind to convince the user to select a profile
photo, and thus rid myself of the egg forever.

11 #twitterficton

This is the point where you believe I was mad. Mad tweeters
know nothing. You should have read my tweets.

12 #twitterficton

You should have read as I wisely proceeded. Caution,
foresight, and dissimulation- all in 140 characters or less!

13 #twitterficton

I was never kinder to the egg than the week before I tried
to convince him to upload a profile photo.

14 #twitterficton

Every night, about midnight Eastern time, I trolled the
tweets on his wall. Scrolling oh so gently.

15 #twitterficton

And then, when I had read enough tweets to fill my head, I
closed my browser. No tweets could be read!

16 #twitterficton

Then I reopened the browser- straight to his twitter page!
You would have laughed at it as my browser homepage.

17 #twitterficton

Slowly, very, very slowly, so as not to be listed on his notifications
tab without gaps between them, I favorited.

18 #twitterficton

It took me an hour to place favorites within all his tweets
of that day. Ha! Would a man tweeter have done this?

There is more to come! Join me live by following @JLenniDorner on Twitter.

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