Mar 14 2014

A recap of my #twitterfiction day 2 offering

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My contribution to the current #twitterfiction is a series of tweets retelling Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” but with a Twitter twist. Here is what you may have missed on day two:

19 #twitterficton

And then, when my favoriting was done, I unfavorited them.
Now the stars vanished from his notifications page!

20 #twitterficton

I did this for seven long nights- every night just at
midnight- but the egg never noticed.

21 #twitterficton

It was impossible for this to work. It was not the tweeter
who vexed me, but his default egg!

22 #twitterficton

Every dawn, I went boldly into direct messages, courageously
inquiring how his night was and how his feed faired.

23 #twitterficton

He would have been a very profound tweeter, to suspect that
I favorited and then unfavorited his tweets at night.

24 #twitterficton

Upon the eighth night, I was more cautious on his tweets. A
watch’s minute hand moves faster than I scrolled.

25 #twitterficton

Never before that night had I felt my own sagacity. I knew I
would triumph over that egg icon.

26 #twitterficton

To think that were I was, reading his tweets, and he did not
even dream of my secret deeds or thoughts.

27 #twitterficton

I chuckled at the idea; and perhaps he heard me; for he
thanked me for favoriting a post suddenly, as if aware.

28 #twitterficton

Now you may think that I left that star- but no. I waited
until he tweeted to others, and then I unfavorited the post.

29 #twitterficton

I was about to unfavorite another. The user sprang up on my
feed, crying out – “Where did the favorite go?”

30 #twitterficton

I kept quiet and still. For a whole hour I did not tweet,
and in the meantime I did not see him post.

31 #twitterficton

He was still looking at his notifications tab, reading; –
just as I have done, harkening to the verified users I follow.

32 #twitterficton

I read a tweet of mortal terror. Not of pain or grief -oh,
no! – it was a tweet that arises from a user who was hacked.

33 #twitterficton

I knew that pain well. Many a night, when my followers
slept, the terror of a hacker has distracted me.

34 #twitterficton

I say I knew it well, for I changed my password twice daily.
I knew what the egg user felt, and pitied him, although

35 #twitterficton

I chuckled at heart. He was hacked when he followed his
two-thousandth person without updating his image.

36 #twitterficton

His fears had been ever since growing that it would happen.
He had been trying to prove he was not a fancy bot.

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