Mar 16 2014

A recap of my #twitterfiction day 4 offering

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My contribution to the current #twitterfiction is a series of tweets retelling Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” but with a Twitter twist. Here is what you may have missed on day four:

55 #twitterficton

the unread messages might attract a hacker! The egg’s hour
had come! With 140 characters typed,

56 #twitterficton

I sent my tweet straight to him. He shrieked in reply, using
all CAPS – once only. In an instant I out-typed him.

57 #twitterficton

I then smiled gaily, for the deed was so far done. But, for
many minutes, the egg icon remained as his profile photo.

58 #twitterficton

This, however, did not vex me; it was only a matter of
refreshing the page. Surely it would cease. I struck F5 again.

59 #twitterficton

The egg was gone. I examined my twitter feed. Yes, it was
certainly gone. I stared at my home feed for minutes.

60 #twitterficton

There was no sign of an egg. It was gone. That egg icon
would trouble me no more.

61 #twitterficton

If you still think me a mad tweeter, you will think so no
longer when describe what I did next.

62 #twitterficton

The night waned, and I clicked hastily, but without tweeting.
First I deleted the direct messages from my box.

63 #twitterficton

I collected my screenshots of tweets that once featured the
egg, and dropped them in the desktop recycle bin.

64 #twitterficton

I trolled the home page, watching the posts appear. I then,
so cunningly, that no newb egg user could detect,

65 #twitterficton

blocked everyone I saw with a default icon. There was no
more to see. No eggs whatsoever. I caught them all!

66 #twitterficton

When this labor ended, it was four o’clock- still dark in
Eastern Standard Time. I checked my notifications tab.

67 #twitterficton

I clicked it open with a light heart, – for what had I now
to fear? There were three new followers.

68 #twitterficton

They introduced themselves, with perfect suavity, as
upstanding tweeters, referred to me by a mutual follower.

69 #twitterficton

The suspicion that I knew of a bot in our midst had been
aroused. They came to search the feeds for proof.

70 #twitterficton

I tweeted a smile emote, -for what had I to fear? I bade
them welcome. The bot, I said, was imagined.

71 #twitterficton

The egg, the default icon of a tweeter I once knew, was
absent from my feed. I told them to scroll all through it.

72 #twitterficton

I led them, at length, to the url which directly opened the
page where the egg once nested.


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