Apr 14 2014

#atozchallenge L is for Lenni Lenape

L is for Lenni Lenape atozchallenge blog post image

I comb through the pages. They’re interesting, even though I
don’t fully understand most of what I’m looking at. I tuck them back in and
move on to another.


The symbols of a wolf, turtle, and a turkey are on the next
jar. Surely, this is what I am meant to find. A dried ear of corn, a bean, and
hollowed out squash roll out first. Then a deerskin with charcoal markings
slides out. I recognize the story drawn here. The great turtle rises up from
the water. Land comes about. Then people and wolves appear.


There’s another hide. I see the origin of the turkey marked
on this. But now I’ve found a story that I haven’t seen drawn before. What
haven’t the Lenni Lenape elders told me? Is this why I’m here? Is this what I’m
meant to discover?

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