Apr 26 2014

#atozchallenge W is for Water

W is for Water atozchallenge blog post image


I open the jar decorated with images of the ocean, as instructed by the strange voice I hear in my head. The jar contains water, a few plants growing from the sandy bottom, and a lobster. The lobster swims to the top and waves a claw at me.


Hello there.


“Am I dead?”



“Am I hallucinating?”



“Am I imagining that I can hear you? Am I imagining you? Is this a dream?”


No, no, and no.


“Are you my Guardian Spirit?”


That’s closer to the truth. I was brought into this world by one who you might consider to be a Guardian Spirit. He bestowed upon me certain gifts. Open the other jar. It contains pure, fresh water. You need to drink.


I nod and do as I’m told. I dunk my head into the jar and have a long gulp. I realize that I should have gone with a small sip.


You will be okay.


“So you aren’t my Guardian Spirit? Did I fail the Vision Quest?”


You have not failed. Your Guardian Spirit is within you. It is a very rare trait. You descend from the original Guardian Spirits.


“How do you know this?”


You could not have entered this place if it were not so.


“How do I leave this place?”


By knowing that you can. There is a final piece of information that you have come here to learn though. Shall I reveal it?


Guardian Spirit image


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