Apr 27 2014

Sunday Seven – Kari Bryon and Cosmopolitan Magazine part two

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A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?


If Mythbuster Kari Byron were on the cover of Cosmopolitan, here are 7 ways the issue could be designed around her.

  1. Fashion – Kari’s closet: Is it achievable for the rest of us? Where did she get those wonderful clothes? Top ten myths about clothing and shopping busted! From idea to store: where that blouse/purse/bracelet came from.
  2. Make-up – How “water proof” is waterproof mascara? Lipstick that doesn’t stain your glass (or his collar)? Which self-painting nail polish lasts the longest? Which perfume type lasts longest?
  3. Hair – What does the most damage? Just how strong is hair? Will dye affect it? How do the folks at Locks of Love make wigs from it?
  4. Bedroom – Can his “part” really break? Rim jobs: should this only mean cleaning part of a car vehicle? What’s the deal with toe sucking? Can pregnancy happen from dancing on a lap, sitting in a hot tub, or from a toilet seat?
  5. Health – How to give him a breast exam, and why it matters! Zit popping- the good, the bad, and the pussey. Do women have the same heart attack signs as men? Fitness Myths – This is as good as that and other lame excuses busted. The wheat belly diet: confirmed, plausible, or busted? Corn, bananas, and potatoes: natures no-no’s? Green Tea Myths. Mysophobia: just how worried should you be about germs?
  6. Life – Women can’t use tools- total myth: Basics you should be able to do! (Ad sponsor opportunity for home improvement stores willing to hold live events all month aimed at empowering women. Put a calendar right in there, and a QR code for directions to the nearest place.) Security myths: How good is your password, how secure is your web browser, could your mobile phone be infected with a virus, monitored by someone remotely, or unsecure if stolen?
  7. Other Columns and Such– Social Media: You CAN make that Pinterest item without #fail! (Recipes, crafts, and things to do with the girls.) Kari shows off her own artwork to inspire you, busting the myth that only those who studied in Paris can create such beauty. Celebrities – Mythical people, or a lot like you? Book Myth – There are no empowered heroines. Confessions – Myths I believed or convinced others to believe. Work – The best of multiple worlds. Kari shares what it’s like being on television, how much she’s learned and taught on Mythbusters, and how she handles being a wife and mother. Quiz: Do you think like a Mythbuster?

This list is brought to you by J Lenni Dorner, J’s assistant, J’s friends Seth and Jessica, and J’s brother. Surf back to last week, where we gave 7 f-ing reasons why Kari Byron should be on the cover of Cosmo.

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