Apr 30 2014

#atozchallenge Z is for Zealous

Z is for Zealous atozchallenge blog post image

It is with great enthusiasm that I pursue recording the events that I have been assigned to keep track of. Xavier calls me zealous, once he stops pretending that I am crazy. We make private jokes about lobsters.


The truth, we decide, is best served up to the public under the category of fiction. That way they can believe it, or dismiss it, without obligation. I keep a double record. One is accurate and exact. My lobster friend, who we named Steve, gets to watch over those copies. The other is only as true as it needs to be. The story sometimes needs to be tweeked. Readers, after all, have short attention spans. They need action, drama, and exceptional emotional moments.


Xavier has told me of the history that is to come. My job isn’t to change it. My job is just to present it to the world so that those who are meant to survive will know how. His friend calls me Muse. I call myself



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