Jun 29 2014

Sunday Seven #80s throwback that compares Voltron to my books

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A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday.



Comparing the Voltron Lion Force to my Existence series



Voltron – Keith, pilot of the black lion that forms the head, is the levelheaded Captain who puts his crew and planet first. His romantic feelings for Allura tend to distract him.


Existence – Xavier is considered the leader of the group. The needs of the world are his priority. His love and longing for Gwendolyn cloud his judgment.



Voltron – Lance, pilot of the red lion that forms the right arm, is second in command. He’s tall, quick with a joke, a bit of a hothead at times, and a true ladies’ man.

Voltron  – Hunk is the pilot of the yellow lion that forms the left leg. His mass is attributed to his muscles. He’s known for sticking up innocents in need of a defender.


Existence  – Heath is considered the second in command of the group, and Xavier’s right hand man. He’s tall and muscular, and occasionally mistaken for a chiseled statue created as an ode to male body perfection. His temper comes out when he’s being protective (he’s the bully of bullies). The legend of his seduction power is almost unbelievable… which naturally tempts more to find out if the rumors are true. (They are.)



Voltron – Princess Allura pilots the blue lion that forms the right leg. She’s a bit naïve when it comes to romance. It turns out that she’s far more powerful than one would guess at first sight. There’s undeniable bravery in her.


Existence  – Gwendolyn, nicknamed Wend, is not experienced with romantic relationships due to her conservative upbringing. Powers dwell inside her, fighting to get out, but she’s too oblivious to realize the truth of her own nature. It is the change she elects, the choice to be brave and take the unknown road, which gives book one, Fractions of Existence, a major plot twist.



Voltron – Pidge, pilot of the green lion that forms the left arm, is the smallest group member in stature. He’s a brainy scientist. He has a twin brother named Chip.


Existence  – Caleb and Jun are both smaller in stature than the others. Caleb knows more about animal sciences, zoology, and veterinary medicine than anyone in the world does. He has a crush on Heath. Jun is a botanist expert, but focuses his life around music, especially nightclubs.



Voltron has a Blazing Sword and eventually Blazing Pistols.

Jezebel in the Existence Series is the equivalent of these weapons. Jez is fully aware of who she is and what she is capable of, unlike Gwendolyn.





When not fully combined, Voltron is not at full power. In Fractions of Existence, Xavier cites the importance of reuniting his kind. His need to seek out Gwendolyn is not purely romantic. Keith would direct the group to rescue Princess Allura, not only because of his feelings for her, but because the team needs the blue lion. Without Gwendolyn, Xavier’s group is weakened, and cannot hope to defeat The Eyes in the Shadows.



VoltronKing Zarkon of the Drule Empire is the leader of Voltron’s enemies from Planet Doom. Oppression, enslavement, and total obedience are the cornerstones of this government. A witch named Haggar, at the beckon call of His Majesty, uses dark magic to cast spells.


Existence  – The Eyes in the Shadows believe they must bring about Armageddon, for humanity was not intended to exist this long. They have made this choice for the world without consulting anyone. Their previous attempts have failed. They believe the failure is because “Xavier’s kind” exists. So far, they have managed to separate part of that group. If they can destroy a group member, or separate the entire group, they will be able to use an ancient dark magic to end human life on Earth.



Can you name a literary equivalent of the Voltron television series or comic books?




  1. I don’t even know what Voltron is and I grew up in the 80s!
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    1. LOL. Seems that Voltron had less fanfare than the Transformers.

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