Jul 27 2014

Sunday Seven- Special Delivery Pizza Edition part 1

Sunday Seven image

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?

My lovely assistant has taken over this Sunday Seven post. She was in Chicago at Gino’s East, where everyone signs the walls, tables, and anything else in reach. Being the loyal and lovely assistant that she is, a shout-out of sorts was left for me… on the Chicago Blackhawks flag. (Amusement at the location has yet to die down.)

J Lenni Dorner's assistant giving a shoutout at Gino's East on E Superior St, Chicago

Her idea for Sunday Seven is, given where she was, pizza toppings. Meat or no meat- this is a two week treat!

(She ordered the Four Cheese Deep Dish, by the way.)


Seven Pizza Meats at Gino’s East:


  1. Pepperoni
  2. Italian sausage
  3. Canadian bacon
  4. Bacon
  5. Chicken
  6. Ground beef
  7. Anchovies



What is your favorite pizza topping?


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