Oct 07 2014

Expressing Scary Movies and Books


Express Yourself Meme September image

I should point out that I do not scare easily. I’m the one in the movie theater laughing at those of you who jump when Freddy, Jason, Mike, Chucky, or Hannibal show up when you (you, not me) least expect it.


However, there was a scene in the movie The Devil’s Advocate that creeped me out. When he sees the woman getting dressed, and her face becomes a demon.


The Devil's Advocate scary image from Google

Yup, that one sent a shiver down my spine. I, to this day, cannot tell you why. I’m looking at the image (thanks Google search), and it’s doing nothing. That could be a puppy, a tea cup, or a river. Nothing. But that night, when I saw it in theaters, it creeped me out.




Oh so many tasty tasty horror books in my vast collection. I love them. Do I personally find them scary? Not so much. But the ones that I enjoyed the most were ones I read in my youth. Here are some of my favorites from back then:


Books from the shelf of @JLenniDorner

You know what’s REALLY scary? The fact that those of you with OCD will be as bothered as I am by the fact that the books were not put back away in order on my shelf. *winces*




  1. Look at all those horror books. I love the theme of this meme. That is a pretty freaky picture.
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    1. I love it too!
      That’s just a few of the books from my collection.
      And yeah, the pic was even worse seeing it happen in the movie. I don’t know why.

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