Oct 16 2014

My Colorful Personality

So I ended up taking another one of those online personality tests. I figured I would share my results.


Results for @JLenniDorner

Imaginative and creative? Well… yeah. Need both of those to be a fiction writer, don’t I?

I do tend to take on the needs of others before setting my own goals. Speaking of goals… CHECK OUT THIS BLOG HOP!

I do have an emotional relationship to the environment. I have hugged many trees. Literally, I have walked up to large trees and hugged them. Side note- be careful when hugging a maple.

Facts, feelings, and ideas are all about equal for me. Is that odd?

LOL- Is this saying that my love of writing just slightly trumps my love of family. You mean the rare times when I ask my Snookums to turn the TV down so I can finish writing one more page has shown up on this little test?

Yup, I listen to others about 34% of the time. That sounds about right. LOL

Hmm… will power looks a little low. Where do I get more of that?


If you take this test, let me know how you score! 



  1. Creativity and mostly introverted–sounds like a writer to me! I’m coming to terms with my introverted nature. I am friendly when I have to be and I might seem outgoing and talkative, but I’m just much happier not being around people except my husband and my dog most of the time! I can stay home and work for two days without seeing anyone when he’s out of town and it doesn’t bother me at all. That’s how I know I’m an introvert!
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    1. It’s funny. A few years ago, I was always around people. In college, I lived at party central. And now… I can go for weeks without seeing anyone but my Snookums. (And the grocery cashier.) Crazy.

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