Oct 21 2014

Express Yourself with a Halloween Costume


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image of easy apple tree Halloween costume from @JLenniDorner

There was a year when the rules about Halloween costumes came with a three page “no” list.
This is when creativity had to be employed.
Thus, I became an apple tree.
Actually, this costume is very easy. Get a brown shirt and pants.
(Though a tree camo outfit from the hunting section could also work.)
Get some leaves- either from the craft store or from outside.
Grab a few branches.
Attach leaves to shirt.
Attach branches to belt and shirt, have them sticking out from clothing.
Either find an apple mask, or make one out of something from the craft store.
(Or, if rules also outlaw masks, just get some apple decorations on your face.)
Bonus points- get a bag of those mini apple decorations from the dollar store (or craft store).
Affix little notes that say, “Thank you.”
Hand them out to people while Trick or Treating.
Because, you know… trees are not known for being vocal.
What’s the most unique non-scary Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?


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  1. I remember when a girl showed up to work dressed as “white trash.” She wore all white and had empty snack bags taped all over her. Pretty unique!
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    1. OMG that’s an awesome idea!

  2. What a creative Halloween costume. My costumes were never that creative. I’ve dressed as a farmer, a baseball player and a baby, to name a few.
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    1. Those are cool too. Hey, if farmer you and apple tree me had gone to a contest together, we could have taken a prize! 😉

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