Oct 31 2014

This Halloween I am Trick or Treating My Goals for the NaNoWriMo of November


trick image by @JLenniDorner

Happy Halloween

treat by @JLenniDorner

goals image
Here are my current goals and review of goals from the past:


Goals for November:


  • Take part in NANOWRIMO
  • Keep working on the fantasy book during NaNoWriMo
  • Get five people to weigh in on my planning post    please help
  • Vote
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving
  • Finish reading 1 book
  • See Mockingjay in theaters


J Lenni Dorner NaNoWriMo writing buddy

Coming up in Dec:

Deja vu blogfest


  • Finish the fantasy writing class (Dec)
  • Finish the young adult writing class
  • Catch up on Twitter follows
  • Tweet for #WW #WriterWednesday  and  #ReaderthuRsday #RR



  • Publish two decent-selling book series
  • Survive at least another 40 years


2014 Goals:

  • Publish something every week on this blog (ie: Sunday Seven)
  • Have 5000 Twitter followers ~ currently at 3,834 — up 193  from last month!
  • Update / redo what-are-they.com and existenceseries.com
  • Download the update for my blog theme, whatever that might entail
  • Support Diverse Books



Review of Goals for October:

  • Keep up on Twitter followstrick ~goal only partially met
  • Remember to tweet for #WW #WriterWednesday  and  #ReaderthuRsday #RR treat ~goal met
  • Take part in the Bucket List Blog Hoptreat ~goal met
  • Keep working on the fantasy booktreat ~goal met
  • Submit the next assignment for the fantasy writing classtrick ~goal not met
  • Finish reading 2 bookstrick ~goal only partially met – I’m half way through three books this month, and finished one.


Let's be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.

Review of Other Previous Goals:

  • To get 300 signers on the what-are-they.com guestbook.  ~ currently at 117
  • To get a literary agent. trick ~ Still working on it.
  • To finish writing book two of the existence series.   ~On hold.
  • Work on Fraction of Existence rewrite trick~ No progress this month
  • Work on query letter trick~ No progress this month


There’s a little something about goals in the first Foamy Fan Mail letter of this video.

*WARNING* Mature Language


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    • Tyrean on October 31, 2014 at 11:05 AM

    Wow!!! Way to make and track progress on your goals!
    Tyrean has this post to share Celebrations and Do You Have Goals?My Profile
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  1. Whew! That’s a hefty list of to-do’s! Just looking at the list makes me want to curl up and hide under my blanket…but that could just be because I need to go find myself some cheese. (It’s magical.) I’m wishing you all the best with these. You can totally do it! Oh, and here, have some cheese.
    Crystal Collier has this post to share Trick or Treat Book Blog Hop: Or get stuff free!My Profile
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    1. Ooooh- what kind of cheese is there?
      Give the Kerrygold Dubliner with Irish Stout a whirl sometime.

  2. You’re doing awesome!!! I’m writing a handwritten note on 500 postcards to send out about my book. I’m told handwriting the note makes a big difference but it may take me a while to write the same thing 500 times! Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I credit that with getting me off my butt, writing and submitting, which eventually landed me my agent and book deal!
    Stephanie Faris has this post to share Scariest Ghost Pictures EverMy Profile
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    1. Your handwriting must be far better than mine. I considered a career in medicine by seventh grade- yeah, doctor script. LOL Thanks for coming by.

    • Misha on November 1, 2014 at 6:58 AM

    You did a lot! Best of luck with NaNo.
    Misha has this post to share An (Delayed) Update DayMy Profile
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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Wow, you have a lot of goals there! Love your ‘trick or treat’ system for scoring your progress.
    Would like to contribute to your planning post, but I’m doing NaNo too and I haven’t written anything towards my word count for today. So I have to go…
    Ruth Livingstone has this post to share Five Year Writing Goal OctoberMy Profile
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    1. Thanks for coming by. Happy NaNo-ing! May you reach your 50,000 early and love all of them. 😉

  4. Love your goals! I saw you had some problems downloading my book, so I’ll give you a hard copy. Just send me a message of where I should mail it. My email address is sherry.a.ellis@gmail.com.
    Sherry Ellis has this post to share Winners of Giveaway and Krakens are Real!My Profile
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    1. I just emailed you from my gmail.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Good luck with November’s goals. Looks like a busy month.
    Medeia Sharif has this post to share IWSG and Books Recently ReadMy Profile
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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yup, I’m working on it.

  6. That is an impressive list! We share the same main goals! The way I see it, the longer I live, the more time I have to write a book that sells well. 🙂
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    1. Thank you. Sharing goals is a great way to make friends. Yes, staying alive ups the odds of writing a well-sold book.

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