Nov 19 2014

Expressing Five Fictional Characters I Want in My Life


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Five fictional characters I would want in my life.


This sounded like such an easy topic, until I discussed it with two friends. See, right off the bat, I said “Hermione Granger.” But my friend reminded me that I knew someone who was like her. While that girl and I were casual acquaintances with mutual friends, we were never especially close. I tried to figure out who from the Harry Potter series I would have ended up friends with, if I had gone to Hogwarts. I’ve got it down to Ginny, Luna, or Neville.


Neville, Luna, and Ginny of Harry Potter

Next I thought about The Hunger Games. At first I thought Katniss, but I don’t know if she’d like me. I considered Gale, but mostly because of Liam Hemsworth, and um… not sure my Snookums would enjoy having him in our lives… *wipes drool* “What’s that? Your brother wants us to come over for a pool party? Yeah, I can squeeze that into my schedule…” Then I thought Peeta. He’s a survivor and he can make cake. Yup, we’d get along.


Peeta Cake

Here’s one that is so far out of left field you should probably sit down and swallow your drink before reading… Mary Anne Spier, from the Baby-Sitters Club. What? I know. But I had a crush on her when I was eleven. That realization shocked me, too.


spit from shock
Hey, you were warned.

I’m fairly certain that Violet Baudelaire and I would get along. The way she deals with A Series of Unfortunate Events has always made me smile. We’ve both come to accept that life is not a dream. And we know what it is to have to lead younger ones who have to depend on you.


Violet Baudelaire

Last, I’m selecting Kenny, from South Park. Like myself, not everyone can understand him. Also, it’d be nice to have friend that just keeps coming back to life. Say what you will about South Park, but it is the most diverse cast of characters I have ever encountered in a fictional setting. Are you unsure how to work people of different abilities, gender identities, or ethnic backgrounds into your stories? Go watch a few episodes from every season. They won’t all be politically correct- in fact, some go out of their way to stomp all over that- but there will be a wide range of characters.


South Park is diverse


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  1. Hermione would have been a fun friend in school…I think? In the first movie she was a bit of a know-it-all, though. There was actually a girl in my elementary school kind of like her and she was always ridiculously annoying.
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    1. Exactly. In the books (and movies), she’s a good friend because she saves them. Someone has to be the brains!

  2. I LOVE PEETA!!! He would definitely be on the tippy top of my list. Hmm. Four more. Black Beauty (gotta love that horse), Winnie The Pooh (the picture book writer in me), Charlotte (of course, right?), and The Cat In The Hat (because he’s just so darn cool). I would need to add Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I may have to write my own list. My top 100.
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    1. Which Charlotte? Three spring to mind (one being a spider). Tigger! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Ok, you and I have a fictional forest to get to. 😉

  3. You got it! Definitely the spider.
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    1. A book title appearing in a spider web… yup, that’d boost sales.

    • Beth on November 19, 2014 at 11:03 PM

    Yes to Hermione!! Man, I LOVE her.
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    1. Well, she (spoiler alert) marries a Weasley. So if I hang out with Ginny and you with Hermione, I’m sure we’ll meet up in The Burrow eventually! 😉

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